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Close to the Sun Developers Talk About the “Emotionally Intense” Relationship Between the Two Sisters

by Liana Ruppert

Close to the Sun is a game that you don’t want to sleep on. If you enjoy adventures such as BioShock and SOMA, this murder-horror adventure is one that will keep you enraptured until the very end. From it’s spoopy environmentals, to the intense relationship between the two sisters that the story centers around, this game is a must-play and we sat down with studio manager Roberto Semprebene to pick his brain about what drove the inspiration behind such an amazing title.

The narrative around the sisters is powerful, so when we asked what the thought process involved when crafting such a thought-provoking relationship, Semprebene responded “Since the beginning of Storm in a Teacup, the company has been interested in creating emotionally intense stories for its games. Human relationships are the most important factor for our actions.

“In Close to the Sun, Rose and Ada are two sisters who have always been very close, but following their individual dreams, they went on different paths. Having the chance to reunite in such a crazy situation boosts their willing to express their love and conquer any obstacle, creating the perfect mood that we wanted for our game.”

As with any relationship (friend, family, otherwise), we don’t always walk the same paths as though close to us. But it’s the journey, that bond, that remains present and that’s something that Close to the Sun played carefully and executed beautifully.

Another thing I loved about Close to the Sun is that Nikolai Tesla was such a huge focus throughout the narrative. When asked what the driving factor for him and Edison’s tensions being such a huge part of the story, Semprebene mentioned “Our CEO, Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi, as well as the team here at Storm in a Teacup love Tesla and his work, more than anything else! We wanted to pay our tribute to his genius, creating a story involving him, under an alternative reality in which he could compete head to head with Edison, eventually winning.”

Interested in seeing the SOMA-inspired adventure for yourself? Learn more about Close to Sun in our full Nintendo Switch preview here! 

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