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The CitySlicker – The Last 3DS XL Case You’ll Need

by Prima Games Staff

Many portable gaming fans invest in cases to protect their expensive systems, and a vast majority of these items feature colors, patterns and graphics geared towards children, which is perfectly fine. Most of us are big kids anyway, and shouldn’t feel any shame owning a case decorated with the likes of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach; some of us even bought this NES controller wallet

That said, there’s always room for sophistication, particularly among older gamers who want to carry something more adult. If you fall into this category and have disposable income to burn, WaterField Designs’ Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker Case comes highly recommended. Not only does it look and feel incredible, but you can fit several games and have room to spare. 

The CitySlicker case is available through the company’s website for $49.00, which is at least $10 more than the average 3DS game. Rest assured, however, that you receive high quality at this price, with a leather flap (it smells incredible), tough material that keeps the system secure and a durable mesh pocket on the back to hold games and earbuds.  

Of course, it’s one thing to talk about the CitySlicker. Now it’s time for some show and tell.

As we mentioned, the case comes with a leather flap guaranteed to turn some heads. If you already own a 3DS carrying case and bought other cases for previous Nintendo handhelds, it should be instantly apparent that the CitySlicker is in a class by itself.

Pop open the flap and you have three compartments for 3DS games. Easy to slide them in place, but somewhat difficult removing each game, which is ultimately great because the last thing you need is to lose your copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D or Monster Hunter 4.

Not only does the 3DS XL fit into the CitySlicker, but also the New 3DS XL that released this past February. Similar to the games, you’ll need to give the system a good push, and once it’s inside, the handheld won’t go anywhere.

If you don’t feel like removing the system, you can still insert the charging cable.

Flip over the CitySlicker and you’ll see the mesh compartment. Here’s another thing we love! We were able to fit 18 3DS games inside this pocket. Now consider the three games on the opposite side and this case can hold at least 21 3DS titles! That is mostly unheard of with cases this size. To put it in better perspective, the last 3DS case we owned held just three games and is roughly the same dimensions.

All told, the WaterField CitySlicker is the best 3DS case we’ve seen, and is well worth the $49. That may seem like a lot, but the expert craftsmanship coupled with the impressive storage will make this your go-to case for the rest of the system’s lifespan and perhaps well beyond.

Ultimately, it’s the ideal luxury case for gamers who don’t mind acting a little, you know, grown up. Click here to buy one, and watch this video to learn more about the San Francisco-based company, which also makes cases for laptops and smartphones. 

WaterField Designs provided a CitySlicker to Prima for this article. 

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