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Children of Morta Offers Adorable DLC in the Name of Charity

by Liana Ruppert

Do it for the puppies! And the kitties, and all other animals that need your help all while playing the indie hit Children of Morta. The Children of Morta Paws and Claws DLC comes courtesy of the amazing team over at Dead Mage in an effort to raise money for the Humane Society to help save animals in need. 

The DLC itself is affordable and for a great cause, coming in at $4 to get access to the content while also enjoying amazing new additions to the game itself. The devs took to YouTube to share exactly what inspired this initiative and how players can help: 


With the Paws and Claws DLC, players will unlock a new area in the Bergsons’ house, an area that is used as an in-game animal shelter. Meet those adorable little creatures in-game and help look after them, take care of them, and love them as if they were your own. 

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By taking care of our furry friends, players will be able to unlock special boosts that will help in other aspects of the game all the while doing some good out in the real world with proceeds going directly to the Humane Society. 100% of the proceeds go towards this charity, so get out there, pet all of those good boys, and be the change you want to see out in the world! 

Children of Morta is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The Paws and Claws DLC is also available today, so get gaming!

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