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The CDL Major II is Much Louder Than You Think

The streams don't do it justice.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Major II Crowd

When you’re watching any of the Call of Duty League streams on Twitch, the announcers and the sound of Modern Warfare 2 are prioritized for the audience. It’s rare that you hear the in-person audience overpower the sound of the stream, but that’s a reality that doesn’t do the Major II justice, and it’s much louder than you imagine.

The Major events for the CDL continue to improve over time, and bringing the Major II to Boston this time around allowed for a crowd that loves competition and home teams. Yet many viewers on the streams believe the event is dead or quiet. I’m here to tell you it’s the exact opposite,

Boston CDL Major II – The Event is Much Louder Than you Know

There are small moments in matches when there is an impressive play or a favored team, and you can hear some cheering within the CDL stream. Those cheers are generally at the volume of a loud concert or a hyped-up Red Sox game even though it sounds like quiet cheers on the stream. Walking into the MGM Music Hall while Boston was playing sounded no different than a game-winning home run.

Even the sounds of Modern Warfare 2 are different in the venue when compared to the stream. There are massive speakers with tons of bass boost. Cruise missiles hitting the ground can be felt in your chest and each shot of the TAQ-56 sounds like the smack of a drum. Along with the announcers being boosted on the speakers as well, the noise levels are typically high.

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The crowd itself is deceivingly small from the camera angles that are shown on the CDL Major II streams. Most of the time, viewers will see the middle floor, which is where a large chunk of fans are placed. However, there are four different floors with their own sections of seating. Now mix all of these people on a championship Sunday with OpTic on the screen, and you won’t hear much other than cheers and bass.

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