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Cats and Dogs Dressed Like Video Game Characters

by Prima Games Staff

During last week’s 2014 Comic-Con in San Diego, we saw plenty of video games, movie stars and of course, a crazy number of cosplayers who dressed up as their favorite heroes and villains from popular films, comics and even video games, but why should they have all the fun? Dogs can’t jump on the analog sticks, but they can still wear impressively made costumes based on famous characters.

Case in point, this adorable Shiba Inu doing his best Fox McCloud impression from Nintendo’s Star Fox franchise. 

Get out of my way, Slippy Toad! I have my own problems to deal with. 

Piloting an Arwing without hands might be a challenge. After all, the real Fox McCloud has that whole anthropormorphic thing going for him. 

OK, so we’re in love with Shiba Inu McCloud, but what about these other stylish pets? 

Pikachu kitten is all sorts of adorable. We just hope the owner used animal safe dye. [Source]

Nintendo fans took a while warming up to cartoon Link from The Wind Waker. We think they’d have no problem with this pug edition. [Source] 

Capcom’s Okami delighted thousands of fans around the world. In this shot, a real-life Amaterasu strikes a stoic pose. [Source] 

This canine is ready to hit the track in Mario Kart 8, complete with green shell, boost mushroom and a mystery item box. It’s the spiny blue shell. We know it! [Source] 

Check out Bowser dog and his Koopa army! Watch out, Mario. [Source] 

Luigi? Nailed it. [Source]

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