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Can You Play Halo: Reach In Third-Person? With This Mod, Yes

by Liana Ruppert

Halo: Reach is finally out on Xbox One and Steam and while mod support isn’t technically official yet, the Steam version offers a way for players to mod to their content – with the developers’ blessing, of course – and that includes one answer to a very popular question: Can you play Halo: Reach in third-person?

Right now, this Halo: Reach third-person mod is only available for the campaign, though modder ‘AkFumbles’ promises and extension into Firefight is on the way. The mod is simple, it simply flips the script by transforming the traditional first-person shooter experience into a third-person one, perfect for those that have problems with the FPS POV and even those that might suffer from motion sickness that first-person can sometimes be attributed to. 

You can download this free mod right here, as well as instructions on how to install. It is important to note that if you are using mods, you can’t use them within multiplayer playlists. Modded files will need to be utilized in private and custom games, but you can remove the modded files when you want to go into normal MP and make sure to turn that anti-cheat back on before doing so. 

When speaking about mods, 343 told one Reddit user earlier this month: “We’re still working to improve this down the road, but for now you will have an option when you launch to bypass anti-cheat. This will allow you to play around with campaign and customs but not allow you to play any matchmade games.”

From updates to new features, the MCC is getting a pretty hefty overhaul including its progression system that was heavily inspired by Reach. Wright promises fans that it will be very easy to maneuver as Design Director Max Szlagor added that it will “deliver a system that captures the spirit of Halo: Reach, but delivers in a more modern way.”

Ready to dig in with this Halo: Reach third-person mod? The game is now available for all on Xbox One and Steam. 

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