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Activision released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare across multiple platforms, ushering in a new era of online combat for the longstanding franchise. Players will take full advantage of deep character customization, perks to gain slight advantages over their adversaries and high tech Exo Suits that let them jump much higher than usual.

With that in mind, here are multiplayer tips for some of Advanced Warfare’s maps, which Activision and Sledgehammer Games offerered to Newsweek in the official collector’s edition guide, on sale now for $10.99.


Time to go on a scenic tour of this destroyed prison in Baghdad, which favors both up close and long-range play styles.

Inside the prison, you’ll find multi-leveled rooms, stairwells and tight corridors. Outside, there’s a courtyard with smaller buildings and rooftops for snipers, but here’s the kicker. The advanced player tracking system, when activated, displays everyone’s location. Combine this with the Warbird perk to kill players with an airstrike.

Since the prison is the map’s central hub, you’ll always run into someone. Should you head outside, do some roof hopping to spot campers.


The action gets super intense inside this secret base. Don’t stop to admire the muscle-bound soldiers in the lab, otherwise you’ll need a respawn after enemies shoot you in the face.

Ideally, you want a load out that allows for quick movement. The developers suggest going with the Gung-Ho perk, which lets you shoot fools while sliding and sprinting. Go ahead and combine that with the Lightweight perk to avoid carrying unnecessary weight.

Capture the high ground with Boost Jump, but don’t stay in one place too long. Camping makes you a target. 

If you need cover, duck behind the containers and crates between the map’s buildings.


A beautiful map with San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  You’ll find a plethora of bunkers, submerged tunnels and a cool outdoors section with crates and trailers. The beach makes for a great hiding spot, but don’t get too comfortable. The water level rises!

Don’t get shot from behind! Use Boost Jump to leap into the air and land behind your pursuer. Sledgehammer Games also suggests putting drones on the ground to eliminate new players unfamiliar with the map.

The biggest threat, though, is the dangerous tsunami that essentially floods Defender, forcing you to swim to high ground, making you an easy target.



This map is all about verticality and lots of neon. There are several pathways the developers stacked on top of each other, complete with numerous tunnels that are perfect for stealthy gamers; appear from the shadows to deliver a quick melee attack.

Before playing on Ascend, consider equipping Boost Dodge and Boost Jump to get the drop on opponents or make quick escapes. Combine with Exo Cloak for the element of surprise.

If you manage to go on a scorestreak, you’re able to use the defense turrets to achieve multiple kills.

Atlas Gorge


Now it’s time for some fan service. Atlas Gorge is Sledeghammer’s new take on Pipeline from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The only way to get it is to pick up Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Pro Edition, Atlas Limited Edition or the Atlas Digital Pro Edition.

What’s different? The developers changed scenery, going from an abandoned railway in the Ukraine to the Three Gorge’s Dam in China. There’s a gun turret that overlooks the map, but you’ll need a scorestreak to activate it.

Since this is one of the biggest maps in the game, equip Exo Ping, which displays player movements and weapons fire on your HUD. 

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