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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare EXO Zombies Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gave us plenty to do over the past few months in terms of multiplayer action, but with the arrival of the first DLC, Havoc, players can experience a new kind of Zombies mode.

In EXO Zombies, you’ll work with a squad of four characters – heroes played by veteran actors John Malkovich and Bill Paxton – as they run through an overwhelming amount of zombies. You’ll need to act quickly and shoot even quicker if you hope to make it through each wave.

On that note, these EXO Zombies tips will keep you alive a bit longer.

An EXO Suit makes all the difference

When you begin the game, you won’t have an EXO Suit and must rely on limited equipment. While that will be enough to get through the first few zombies, it won’t be long before the EXO Suit becomes a necessity.

To get to it, you’ll first need to activate power, and that will require a few credits, to the tune of 750 to start for Administration A (which you’ll find right behind your initial starting point). From there, you’ll work your way through the level to other generators, including one through the tunnel, one inside the central dome and through another small tunnel interconnecting the two. The total cost overall will be around 5,000 credits, so you may need to rack up a few kills first.

From there, head towards Hallway A and work your way through a blue-lighted tunnel, go up the stairs on the right side and through the door. You’ll be in the Morgue, and need to spend another 1,250 credits to enter the Exo-Room Door. With power activated, you should be able to open the central chamber and slap on an EXO suit.

This suit provides you with a number of abilities to escape from and fend off zombies, including a pop-up shield and a double jump. You can also activate a number of additional abilities through upgrade stations that unlock in each area. We suggest upgrading your Slam first, as this’ll push back hordes of zombies. Health is a good second place, so make sure to go with that next.

These suits are vital if you want to survive, so don’t hesitate to track these items down and add them to your inventory.

Mystery weapons are the best

You’ll have access to a number of weapons throughout EXO Zombies, but your best bet are the Mystery Boxes. These are scattered throughout each stage and provide you with a necessary handgun, assault rifle or something even more powerful to turn the tide.

You’ll find the first one by heading to the left (after you spawn) and working towards the main hub. Move up to Hallway A (on the right) and you’ll spot it right next to a big yellow sign.

These weapons can be randomized, so you’ll roll the dice when accessing them. Thankfully, none of them are bad per se. Otherwise, feel free to hold off and find a traditional weapon elsewhere.

In addition, don’t forget to upgrade. Increasing your weapon’s damage, handling, reload speed and more can be great assets when it comes to blowing away enemies. Go with extra damage first, because some of the more fortified zombies pose a bigger threat. Blasting them with one shot is quite helpful, especially when you run low on ammo.

Stay on the defensive

With EXO Zombies, there are a few changes worth noting. First, once a window’s gone, it’s gone – you can’t repair it, so don’t waste your time trying. Also, you’ll want to keep an eye open for Random Supply Drops, as they can help you with items that prove useful in battle.

Watch out for special zombie types as well. There are some that don EXO Suits and have similar abilities as you in the later rounds, so make sure you deal with them quickly. Furthermore, watch out for Juggernauts (the stronger ones of the group) and explosive types, which can deal out massive damage that could put an end to your run.

If you get bitten (and chances are you might), make sure you keep the location of the nearest decontamination chamber in mind. It doesn’t take long to heal yourself from the bite, although some enemies may get in your way if you attempt to do so.

Finally, revive teammates. It works much faster in Advanced Warfare than it does in Black Ops II, only requiring a few seconds.

The Ride of the Valkyries

Finally, there’s a terrific Easter Egg that allows you to play the background music, Ride of the Valkyries.

You’ll need to locate three items in order to activate the song. First, find a wrench stuck to a wall near the decontamination chamber, which is off to the left of your initial spawn point. Second, track down the bone saw, located around Hallway B. (Look for the Pack-a-Punch Upgrade Station and you should spot it.) Finally, find the small knick-knack on the table in the EXO Room.

Once you find all three of these, the music will begin and play for several minutes.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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