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Borderlands 3 Gives FL4K Unlimited Pets With This (Awesome) Glitch

by Liana Ruppert

Who doesn’t want more pets, that’s the real question. Luckily for those that have sense and a heart, unlimited pets are now an option – sort of. A new Borderlands 3 glitch has been discovered that gives FL4K even more good boys with him to help him carry out his Beastmaster ways. 

How to get unlimited pets for FL4K in Borderlands 3

The glitch itself isn’t totally organic, there are a few things that need to happen to get it to trigger. For those like me on PC, this, unfortunately, isn’t for you, but console players can get in on the action by equipping the character with Gamma Burst as the Action Kill of choice. After equipped, players will then need to scoop up some wheels with a new vehicle. Since driving takes the pets away, this step is important when wanting to activate this particular glitch.

How it works is that players will need to activate the Gamma Burst action immediately upon exiting the vehicle of choice. If done fast enough, a pet will spawn in the vehicle and outside of it with another one coming from the rift the Gamma Burst spawns. Do this a number of times in a row and you’ll be rolling around in paradise with all the pets you could possibly want.

Sounds simple, but it’s very time sensitive so if you don’t get it the first time, keep trying. 


FL4K and all of his unlimited pets are glorious and are almost too much awesome to handle. Get in your good boy time before this glitch gets patched out!

As for the game itself, Borderlands 3 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can learn more about the game with a snippet from our full review below

“There’s an overwhelming melange of things to do in Borderlands 3, so much so that things get downright frenetic at times. It’s in those chaotic moments that Gearbox has truly created a product that thrives. When you’re downed and the only way to advance is to go right through your enemies as your screen fades to read and your controller is shaking almost painfully in your hands. When you’re holding down a position from hordes of screaming Psychos with your friends and trying frantically to gain any sort of ground. When you’re exploring the Mad Max overworld in whatever Catch-A-Ride pumpkin carriage you’ve unlocked after skewering twenty bandits in the head. Borderlands 3 shines when it’s doused liberally in blood, guts, and glory, but what do you do in the moments in-between? Quite frankly, you’re not given much of a reason to remember.”



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