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Blooming Business Casino Blends Emergent Narrative and Tycoon Style Gameplay | Hands-Off Preview

by Jesse Vitelli

Blooming Business Casino is a game all about building the best casino you can and operating it to its fullest potential. The team over at Homo Ludens is taking a light-hearted casino tycoon game and building an emerging narrative around it. Customers and employees are all cute different animals to help set the tone as well as make situations more readable for players.

Blooming Business Casino Blends Emergent Narrative and Tycoon Style Gameplay | Hands-Off Preview 

I saw about 30 minutes of gameplay last week and I can say it’s charming, funny, and has a lot of heart. It’s not simply building a casino and hoping it does well. You’re tasked with managing employees, dealing with unruly customers, and sometimes even dealing with all of your toilets breaking in an event called the Crapocalypse. 

Decorating your casino will attract different types of customers, so maybe put some tiki torches by your slot machines to keep your customers happy and keep them spending money. 

The biggest takeaway from the gameplay demo was the VIP system. Certain characters, who are scripted and have backstory will enter your casino flush with cash. The one we saw in the demo was a mob boss who was ready to spend money around our casino. However, getting chummy with the mafia kingpin might be troublesome for your later. 

Once you get more tangled up in his web, the harder it will be to untangle yourself later. Maybe he starts convincing you to rig your slot machines. The developers mentioned another VIP is the Sheriff and him and the mob boss do not get along. Having both of these VIPs in your casino can be explosive if they cross paths. 

The emerging narrative decisions you have to make truly change the way you think about the game. Who will you side with to keep your casino afloat?  Will you side with anyone? It might be a bold choice, but it’s yours to make. 

We’re excited to see more from this game soon. The developers also mentioned adding a full bar system to change the price of your drinks and other cocktails. Some customers prefer certain drinks like beer or high-end cocktails. Getting customers drunk can be great for business, but if they get too sloppy they can start fights.

Hiring the right employees to handle these situations is key. So not only are you managing the different games at your casino but your employees as well. 

The game is releasing soon on PC. The Steam page can be found right here. Check out our other E3 and video game coverage at Prima Games and our official Facebook and Twitter pages.


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