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Best Video Games of 2014: Plants vs. Zombies – Garden Warfare

by Prima Games Staff

With so much talk about the high price of games and companies gouging consumers with downloadable content, Electronic Arts’ Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was and continues to be a refreshing change of pace. Here’s a game that was released at a budget price this past February, and all of its DLC (a total of six content packs) are free, adding new maps and modes to an already feature packed experience. Normally such maneuvers point to poor quality, with publishers practically giving games away. Such is not the case with PvZ: GW. It is, quite frankly, outstanding. 

There are so many positive things to say about this game, beginning with its cheery personality. Both EA and PopCap recaptured the cartoon-style visuals from Garden Warfare’s predecessors, with goofy plant and zombie characters in different outfits.  What’s more, you’re able to customize these characters using a wide assortment of items, from sunglasses and funny hats to tattoos and different weapons. If you never laughed at a cactus before, that will change the moment you play this video game. 

On top of that, Garden Warfare is a big departure from the other games we’ve played. PopCap ditched strictly tower defense for a full-blown third person shooter. Instead of always controlling the plants, you can join the undead and stick it to your leafy adversaries, with both sides containing different units with varying abilities.  With the plants, you’re able to burrow underground and devour enemies as the Chomper, or heal your buddies with the always-smiling Sunflower. The zombie classes, meanwhile contain the jack-hammering Engineer and the basic Foot Soldier, to name a couple; you’ll even receive the opportunity to switch sides between matches. 

As for the modes, it’ll take hours to master everything. Team Vanquish is your standard team deathmatch mode, and if you wish to spice things up, there’s always Gnome Bomb, where you track down an explosive and blow it up near enemy bases, along with the thrilling Gardens and Graveyards, a cool attack and defend game type. Considering some of these modes support up to 24 people on a single map, there’s plenty of carnage to go around.

Finally, you’re able to earn coins depending on your performance in the game, and use this virtual currency to acquire card packs featuring a mix of different characters, weapons and items. You can spend real cash to buy more coins, but thankfully, you don’t have to pay to win; a little grinding goes a long way. 

Ultimately, we adore Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Most importantly, it’s a really fun video game that sort of went under the radar because it debuted right before Titanfall on Xbox One, which is another must play title. We gladly paid $40 for some plant on zombie carnage, but today you can buy it for even less. Don’t miss out! 

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