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Best Video Game Weapons: 50-41

by Prima Games Staff

Weapons have been a video game staple for many years, from soldiers running around with guns in Contra to more sophisticated arms in the likes of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Throughout the years, we’ve seen our fair share of powerful guns, swords and other tools of the trade, but only a select number are memorable.

That said, we created a list of the top 50 weapons of all time, but it wasn’t easy. These had to be tested for battle, and a few of them, like the sniper rifle from Counter-Strike, barely missed the cut. Don’t worry, though – these deadly toys pack a punch.

On that note, let’s lock and load!

50. The Laptop Gun (Perfect Dark)

It’s not every day you hear someone make a request for a gun that transforms into a laptop. However, this ideal weapon is one of the best in Perfect Dark, as it carries 50 rounds in the magazine and can also be thrown onto surfaces to become a sentry gun, in case you need to make a clean getaway. 

49. The Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

One of the most iconic weapons featured in the Kingdom Hearts series is no doubt Sora’s Keyblade, a sword that resembles a large key; its name is certainly apropos. The weapon is so admired, a few die-hard fans ordered custom-made props, similar in size to how they appear in the game.

48. The Diskarmor (Rygar)

First introduced in the original arcade version of Rygar, the Diskarmor found proper use in the NES port and PS2 reboot of the series. In it, our hero uses the weapon, a spiked shield connected to a chain, to swing at enemies, while also knocking down items in the environment. With its range and strength, it’s easily a tool that shouldn’t be messed with.

47. The shovel (Shovel Knight)

The shovel is a typical digging tool in the eyes of most people, but with the Shovel Knight, it’s a useful weapon that could save the kingdom. In Yacht Club Games’ inspired 8-bit adventure, you’ll use the shovel to bounce off enemies’ heads, swing away at foes in front of you and even dig into piles of trash, revealing glorious treasures.

46. The air pump (Dig-Dug)

There’s blowing up your enemies, and then there’s literally blowing up your enemies. In Dig-Dug, your primary weapon appears to be nothing more than a bicycle pump, but it serves a greater purpose. You’ll connect it to your foes and blow them up with a few well-timed pumps. Make sure you’re safe when doing it, though, because you’ll be left wide open when their buddies show up.

45. The Eclipse Scythe (Ninja Gaiden series)

The Dragon Sword is usually the most feared weapon in the Ninja Gaiden series, but there’s room for argument with the Eclipse Scythe. This huge weapon not only has range, but can be swung around quickly, allowing Ryu Hayabusa to hit multiple enemies at once. Even better, he can catch ninjas with an impale move, killing them instantly.

44. The crowbar (Half-Life)

To some, the crowbar is nothing more than a primitive weapon. To Gordon Freeman, however, it’s a means for survival while he attempts to get his hands on better items. The crowbar is quite the handy weapon in Half-Life, ideal for chipping away at enemies and getting through dangerous spots. Nothing beats laying out a headcrab with one.

43. The Batarang (Batman: Arkham series)

Batman’s Batarang is a wonderful toy, as it serves a couple of purposes. First, when thrown correctly, it can disorient an armed enemy and allow the Dark Knight to move in to finish him off. Second, it can be used to activate switches, and if the player holds down the throw button, they can guide its path all the way to the intended target.

42. Your own head (Earthworm Jim)

Someone suggested adding Decap Attack to this list, mainly because Chuck D. Head lobs around a skeleton head at times. However, if anyone really uses their noggin in the old-school game era, it’s Earthworm Jim. His thin skull doubles as a melee weapon and a whip that can grab onto certain hooks, propelling the hero to higher ledges.

41. The bomb (Resogun)

Using guns and high-speed boost is a great way to get through Resogun, but when the going gets tough, you’ll want to drop a bomb. Not only is this thing effective in destroying everything within your immediate vicinity, but the entire effect unfolds around the entire circular level, destroying enemies on that side as well. That’s real handy, especially on higher difficulty settings.

Check back tomorrow for weapons 40-31!

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