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Best Video Game Weapons 30-21

by Prima Games Staff

We’re halfway through our countdown of the best video game weapons of all time, and we’ve seen some great entries, from a woman’s wardrobe to a magnet gun to the ultimate fighting shovel. However, we assure you we saved the best entries for later this week, and you’ll see some great ones today.

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30. The M490 Blackstorm (Mass Effect)

Now you’re thinking with portals, or in this case, black holes. The M490 Blackstorm is easily one of the most powerful games in the Mass Effect universe, as it can suck enemies in with portable black holes, then cause them to explode, which kills anything within their vicinity. Who needs a boring old rifle when you have a bad boy like this?

29. The hidden hand blade (Assassin’s Creed)

If you need a weapon to kill someone silently – and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by using a sword – then the hidden blade is exactly what you need. Using any Assassin character, you’ll unsheath this from your wrist holder and immediately take out an intended target with one quick stab. What’s more, custom toy models were made, so would-be assassins can use them in real life…without going to jail, obviously.

28. The boomerang (Castlevania)

A lot of people believe that Simon Belmont’s Vampire Killer whip is an ideal weapon. However, in hindsight, there’s only one thing we’d want to use when defeating enemies, and that’s the boomerang. Once acquired, this item deals damage by throwing it at enemies, and it can even hit a few on the way back. It’s also handy for taking out candles from a distance, so you can recover the items. Super convenient.

27. A Murder of Crows Vigor (Bioshock Infinite)

There are a number of splendid vigors in Bioshock Infinite, but the Murder of Crows takes the cake. Once armed, you can summon groups of crows to come down and attack your enemies, thus preserving your precious ammunition. The deaths are a bit hard to watch at times, but there’s no question these crows get the job done.

26. The Glaive (Dark Sector)

The Glaive is similar to Simon’s boomerang from Castlevania, but it delivers a much cooler effect. By throwing this towards an enemy, you can cut off one of their limbs or even their heads. In addition, the Glaive is also an ideal melee weapon, perfect for cutting up-close foes. Plus, to be fair, it also gives a nod to the Glaive of old from the 80s sci-fi flick Krull. We love that movie.

25. The leash (Bulletstorm)

You think the Flailgun was fun to play with? The leash is even cooler. This cyber-whip draws enemies close to you, allowing you to kick them or unleash hell with your weapon. In addition, you can grab objects to hurl at them, or even grab a foe through a trap-laden fence and slam them right into it for bonus points.

24. The Super Sheep (Worms Revolution)

A suicidal sheep with an exploding death wish is one thing – but a flying suicidal sheep with an exploding death wish? That’s even better. Unleashing this weapon in Team 17’s multiplayer strategy/action series will send it flying towards its target, only to blow up in a blaze of glory, and if you’re lucky, send it to a watery grave. Who says sheep are worthless? Not us.

23. Smart Pistol MK5 (Titanfall)

Being stuck with a pistol is usually the worst thing in first-person shooting games, since it’s far weaker than assault rifles and shotguns. In Titanfall, though, Respawn Entertainment included one that makes a difference, as you can lock on and fire at enemies, both human and AI programmed, to clean up the kills. You can also power it up and make it a force to be reckoned with, if you prefer.

22. Mr. Toots (Red Faction Armageddon)

We don’t know what else needs to be said other than you’re holding a stuffed unicorn that farts deadly rainbows. That’s the best kind of weapon to have, as you not only defeat enemies soundly, but also with great humiliation. You’ll have to beat the game to acquire the weapon, but it’s oh-so-worth it once you do. Farts for everyone!

21. The moose head (Dead Rising 2)

Sometimes, a melee weapon isn’t enough to get the job done, especially when you’re trying to clean up zombies in Dead Rising 2. Luckily, you can find a moose head rather easily and take out a horde of the undead with charge attacks, sending dozens flying. How a moose head is able to fit over a human head is beyond us, but hey, whatever works.

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