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This The Witcher Cosplay Is Scarily Good

by Liana Ruppert

Cosplay is a craft I’ve always had a massive love for because the sheer work and dedication that goes into it and being able to realize some of gaming’s creative characters and bring them over into real life is nothing short of stunning. Cosplay offers a haven for fans, a way for us to give back to the creators that gave us these amazing figures to aspire to, or simply to enjoy. With The Witcher being such a fantastical journey of magic and exploration, it’s no surprise that the games and the show alike would inspire fan creativity, but it’s not often we get to see someone go full-on Noonwraith. 

The cosplayer in question is Elena Samko, and you may recognize her from the previous times I’ve featured her incredible cosplay. From Skyrim, to Fallout, to The Witcher – Elena is massively talented and it’s easy to see through her incredible portfolio. That and Noonwraiths aren’t exactly a commonplace in the cosplay community so when I stumbled upon this? Yeah, definitely had to share! 

Not familiar with what a Noonwrait is? According to the Beastiary journal entry in the games: 

Noonwraiths are born at high noon out of heat, sadness and the sweat of ploughmen. In the hot air above the fields, they gather to dance madly, creating air vortexes, but the specters dislike being watched. Those who peep are forced to dance with them. Noonwraiths stop their dance when the sun goes down, once the abducted mortal is long dead from fear and exhaustion.

You can follow more of her amazing cosplays right here over at her official page. Tell her Prima says hi! 

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