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The Best Sifu Mods – Hilarious, Weird and Cool

by Lucas White

Sifu doesn’t include much of a story to tell, but the non-stop, intense Kung Fu action really doesn’t get old. I’ve been playing it on three different platforms, after all. The newest is PC, because I was curious about how Sifu ran compared to PS5, but I also wanted to enter a world I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s mods, baby! Sifu is the perfect game for screwing around with, which isn’t a thought I ever expected to have. But after traipsing through Reddit and Nexus Mods, I found a new calling in life.

That new calling? Taking extremely stupid screenshots with Sifu mods.

So, readers, this may be premature. But I want to share my favorites so far. Sifu isn’t exactly drowning in character mods right now, but the game hasn’t been out that long. Hopefully, soon, there will be many more to choose from, put together by some of the most talented and internet-poisoned modders at Nexus. I can’t wait. So, for now, here are the best Sifu mods. These are all from Nexus, so you can follow the hyperlinks without worrying about shenanigans. Also, no John Wick or Daredevil, sorry. Too obvious.

The Best Sifu Mods

Shaggy Rogers (Claymaver)

Yeah I know, John Wick is too obvious but Shaggy somehow isn’t. But come on, look at that dopey face, burnout posture and take in all that meme energy! Hopefully someone makes an Ultra Instinct version down the line, but for now this mod is both funny and looks pretty dang good in Sifu

Yusuke Urameshi (junior0438)

Somehow I didn’t expect to see anime so soon, especially Yu Yu Hakusho. This is just too awesome for words. This modder took the Yusuke model from underrated arena brawler J-Stars Victory VS and fit it into Sifu. This is definitely forcing me to queue up Smile Bomb again while I think about that last title card. I don’t know what “Forever Fornever means,” but that doesn’t make it less powerful. Also thank goodness this person didn’t use Jump Force.

Play as a Little Girl (KangieDanie)

Sure, you could spend ten years honing your Kung Fu abilities, mastering the craft and securing your chances of victory. But what if you could just throw caution to the wind, March right out of that dojo the moment your dad is punched to death and get some of that revenge murder in ASAP? This mod is a work in progress so it has some issues, but it’s amazing it works as well as it currently does.

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Smol Gura (Kingshound)

The Hololive VTubers are truly everywhere. Even in violent Kung Fu revenge stories. Imagine this being the last thing you see before you die. A non-smol Gawr Gura mod could be kinda sick though if done well. Swap the soundtrack to one of her karaoke streams and have the most bizarre Sifu run imaginable.

Travis Touchdown (Blikoj)

Oh HELL yeah. Travis Touchdown is My Boy, and seeing him show up here was a delight! The model looks great, too, using Travis’ outfit from Travis Strikes Again. Mr. Touchdown is exactly the kind of person who would mark the hell out for that hallway sequence, so it’s a great fit in a way. I just wish I could suplex enemies and yell “Fuckhead” at them.

Shadow Ranger (ScrumpChewie)

Most folks, including this modder, know this walking dog/man/samurai/cop hybrid as the Shadow Ranger, one of the characters from Power Rangers SPD. If you’re even nerdier than that, somehow, you’ll recognize this character as Doggie Kruger, the DekaMaster from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Power Rangers has its nostalgic charm, of course. And you can find more mods from this user. But Super Sentai kinda still rules. Especially this dude. Look at him absolutely waste 100 bad guys:

That’s a good stopping point, yeah. I’ll be checking in on this hilarious little corner of the internet from time to time, so perhaps we’ll revisit this topic in the future. Until then, let me know what you think, and if you think I missed anything way better!


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