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Best Powers in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

by Bryan Dawson

Dragon Ball Xenoverse releases next month for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. While the game had a short network beta test late last year, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the title. Many of the gameplay videos that were released showcase various fights between popular Dragon Ball characters, but we don’t have a lot of in-depth strategy available on the upcoming title.

Once the game is available, we’ll have a complete breakdown of any changes to the battle system and the best strategies to lift you above the competition. In the meantime, let’s examine some of the special moves and Ultimate Attacks that stood out in the network beta and gameplay videos. Of course, the properties of these special moves and attacks could change by the time the game releases, but this is how things are currently shaping up.

Solar Flare

Solar Flare is arguably the best special move in the game, and here’s why. Most attacks can be avoided if you have enough meter to Vanish (teleport) away. You can lock down opponents with certain combos until their meter is drained enough to prevent this, but it’s difficult to do against a skilled opponent. Solar Flare temporarily stuns an opponent. This allows you to follow with almost any attack and the opponent can do nothing about it.

You can combo into Solar Flare, which is probably your best option in most situations. To avoid an opponent escaping your combo, use Solar Flare as early as possible. The longer your combo, the more time an opponent has to escape. It’s also good to use multiple combos without Solar Flare until your opponent’s meter is drained. Once that happens, quickly combo into Solar Flare to stun the opponent, then follow with a combo or attack of your choosing.

Super Saiyan

The Super Saiyan transformation in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is generally reserved as a last ditch effort to pull out a win. When you use the transformation your Ki Gauge slowly drains, but you have unlimited use of special attacks while your Ki lasts. This means you can dish out incredible amounts of damage in a short period of time, but only if you can connect with special attacks. Once your Ki runs out, you’re left virtually defenseless.

On the surface this may sound like a bad choice, but it works very well in certain situations. First, if you’re in a team battle, use your teammate to distract the other team. If you’re not being directly attacked or have to mount a direct attack on an opponent, it’s much easier to land special attacks. This makes a Super Saiyan transformation deadly. In addition, if you combo into something that stuns an opponent (like Solar Flare), the ability to use endless special moves becomes extremely damaging to any opponent.


Kioken is very similar to a Super Saiyan transformation, but there are two very big differences. First, any race can use a Kioken transformation. Only Saiyans have the ability to use the Super Saiyan transformation. This means you can select a Namekian or play as Buu or anyone of a non-Saiyan race and still have access to Kioken. The second big difference is that it impacts your Guard Gauge instead of your Ki Gauge. That means you’ll still have access to special moves even after the transformation ends. You’re still fairly defenseless, but you’re in a better spot than you are after a Super Saiyan transformation.

Between Kioken and Super Saiyan, if you’re a defensive player using mostly defensive techniques, Kioken should work out much better for you. It still offers the huge offensive potential similar to a Super Saiyan transformation, which allows you to end matches quickly. However, with the defensive abilities you likely already have equipped, you can still defend yourself after the transformation wears off.

Spread Shot Retreat

There are a variety of defensive techniques in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. One of these techniques is the Spread Shot Retreat Ultimate Attack. Now this isn’t going to be a great technique for everyone, but that’s part of the beauty of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. You can customize your character to play in a variety of ways. For many people that will be a defensive build which is where Spread Shot Retreat shines.

The amount of meter used when you unleash Spread Shot Retreat varies depending on whether you’re blocking or getting hit. It uses more meter if you’re getting hit, for obvious reasons. The biggest draw of the technique is that it gets you out of a combo, just like the Vanish ability, but it moves you much farther away and launches a barrage of energy blasts towards the opponent. In essence it’s a defensive ability with an attack built into it.

It won’t be long before Dragon Ball Xenoverse hits store shelves. Keep an eye on Prima Games when the game releases on February 17.

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