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The Best Places to Find Loot in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

No matter what you want to do in DayZ, finding the proper loot is essential. If you want to be a Bandit, you’ll need a good weapon. Maybe you want to patch up every wounded Bambi you see. In that case, it might be wise for you to stock up on medical supplies. The point is, no matter what you’re looking for, it most likely spawns in only a few locations. Here are 10 popular items (in no particular order) and a few ideas where you should look for them.

  • Fun Fact – Bambi is a term used to describe new players, referring to how they are commonly spotted running in the open during the middle of the day, much like a baby deer.

Hunting Backpack

While it only has 30 slots (the Mountain Backpack has 35), many players favor this backpack for its low profile. You can expect to find it near military buildings such as barracks and airstrips. Consider finding one of these a top priority when you spawn, since carrying things in your pockets gets real old, real fast.

Firefighter Axe

This seems to be the most popular way to take out zombies without alerting everyone else in the game to your location. Expect to find these in abandoned fire stations and industrial areas. This only takes up five vertical slots in your backpack, so it can be concealed to help maintain a low profile.

First Aid Kit

This is something that should also be a priority early on. DayZ is full of things that can hurt you. Unlike a few other games out there, you don’t just magically get better in DayZ. Make sure you not only focus on the kit itself, but also load it up with Bandages, IV Start Kit, Blood Bag Kit and a Saline Bag. Expect to find this item in both residential and medical buildings, with an emphasis on the latter.


This might be the most popular weapon in DayZ. Everyone and their Bambi has an M4A1, or is sprinting across the North East Airfield in search of one. If you’re brave enough, one of the three airfields in DayZ is a great place to look for one of these. Either that, or try the top floor of the school building  near the hospital north of Balota. Legend has it an M4A1 or Mosin 9130 spawns here every server restart.

Mosin 9130

We might as well jump to this next since we mentioned it in the previous loot location. While the M4A1 does seem to find its way into the hands of more players, this is the surgeon’s choice of weapon. Expect to find these in Gorka, as well as police stations, residential areas and military locations. Consider picking up both short and long range scopes for this weapon to make it more versatile. Now that you have your Mosin 9130, don’t kill Bandit us.

Handcuffs and Keys

The keys are optional so long as you don’t end up in the handcuffs. However, if you plan to hold someone up or detain a pesky Bandit, a pair of handcuffs helps to put everyone’s mind at ease. As you might expect, they can be found in police stations or jails. Try to make sure you snag a pair that’s pristine, or your captive could make a quick escape.


Not a bad option for your sidearm. It has great stopping power but also a reduced rate of fire. It can be placed in a Chest Holster rather than taking up four slots in your backpack. Expect to find it laying about in military areas, fire stations and even residential areas. Don’t miss if you decide to use it.


This is currently the best option you have for carrying water. It can be filled up at any water source and will carry 1/4 of your maximum. It’s not even a bad idea to keep two of these handy. Expect to find one at military locations, but truth be told it might pop up anywhere.

Spray Paint

While this item certainly isn’t essential, everyone wants to paint his or her Mosin 9130. While it only comes in green and black, you can find these in residential and civilian loot locations as well as industrial. Tool sheds and workshops aren’t a bad place to check either.


DayZ veterans don’t need a compass to get around. They also don’t need advice for finding the best loot either. Our point is, if you’re reading this, you might need a compass. You might be able to find one of these in residential or civilian areas, though as you might expect, they can be seen laying round military buildings as well.

Do you know a guaranteed loot location? Let us know in the comments.

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