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This Mass Effect Tali Cosplay Makes the Quarian Fleet Proud

by Liana Ruppert

Whether you romanced her or had her as your BFF, Tali from the Mass Effect trilogy was a Quarian that stole our hearts almost instantly. Despite being an older experience, the Mass Effect community continues to be a strong force to be reckoned with in terms of fandom love and this cosplayer, in particular, got her Vas Normandy on in the best way possible. In fact, her work is so stunning even the official BioWare Twitter couldn’t help but to share. 

You can find even more of her incredible work over at DuoQueueCosplay. Her name is Kat and her love for Mass Effect is wildly apparent. Whether you’re there for the Quarian love, or even want to say hello to Commander Jane Shepard once more, her Instagram portfolio is a perfect way to revisit a beloved franchise. 

As someone with over 28 playthroughs, a massive fandom site, and all of the collectibles under the sun, I couldn’t just not share this epic cosplay. Though I did enjoy the run where I romanced her, Tali was always more of the little sister that I wanted to protect at all times. Though she later grew into her potential, her character progression was phenomenal to watch and made her an instant hit for many Mass Effect players. 

You can see even more of this incredible cosplay through her Instagram and Facebook pages to see even more of this cosplayer’s incredible talent!  

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