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Best Looking PlayStation VR Games of 2016

by Prima Games Staff

With the official announcement of the PlayStation VR, Sony took a big step forward into virtual reality, with a number of immersive game experiences that promise to be unlike any other. Although there are still more games on the horizon, there are a handful that look quite promising, ranging from aerial combat to virtual simulators.

With this in mind, make sure you keep an eye on these PS VR games.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood


The follow-up to this year’s big survival horror hit, Until Dawn, looks to go in a completely different direction, as you guide young teens through a dangerous carnival, avoiding danger at every turn. With an immersive virtual reality experience combined with terror-inducing chills, this could be one of the most involving games available for the device.

Rez Infinite


One of the most outstanding games available on either Xbox Live Arcade or the original Dreamcast (in Japan, anyway), Rez is an upbeat music/rhythm based shooting game where the world consistently shifts around you. Sony thought it would be an ideal fit for the world of PlayStation VR, and enlisted the original creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, to create a special version for it. The end result is a mesmerizing trip into the rhythmic soul of a virtual universe – and it looks amazing.



An Atari classic is reborn with Rebellion’s take on the classic tank shooter. This time around you fight in a number of new tank arenas, taking on opponents, virtual and human alike as you attempt to become the last man standing. With a fresh new coat of paint, classic controls and wonderful looking cities to fight through, Battlezone should be an experience worth rediscovering. Let’s hope those UFOs don’t run into us again like they did in the original. BOOM!

100 Foot Robot Golf


There’s golf, and then there’s golf with 100-foot tall robots that don’t care about how many buildings they trash trying to rush to the green. Featuring a competitive edge that most golf games lack, 100 Foot Robot Golf looks to be a combination of classic sports action and, well, Godzilla, as you trash everything around you, including opponents, as you attempt to get the victory. With up to four players able to compete at the same time, 100 Foot Robot Golf could be a massive hit.

Ace Combat 7


Although Bandai Namco’s high-flying jet combat game will work just fine on PlayStation 4, Ace Combat 7 promises to go the extra mile when using a PlayStation VR headset, as you’ll be able to sit right in the cockpit and engage in battle with a number of opponents. Featuring a visceral new control style that’s easy to get into, along with visuals that will leave you feeling vertigo (in a good way), there will probably be no better way to fly the (un)friendly skies on the PlayStation VR.

Job Simulator


Not so much of a game as it is a dive into employment hell, Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator still promises to be a hilarious experience for the PlayStation VR device. You’ll dive into a number of employment scenarios and use PlayStation Move controllers to interact with various devices, including computers, copiers, coffee machines and others, as you attempt to get through a single work day without getting fired. Yeah, good luck with that.

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin


Though very little is known about Double Fine’s series spin-off onto PlayStation VR, Psychonauts In the Rhombus of Ruin could be a fun experience, featuring Raz and other characters from the series. Plus, with Tim Schafer and company at the helm, there should be plenty of innovative gameplay elements to go around.

Eagle Flight


Last but certainly not least, Ubisoft’s effort promises to soar above the competition with its impressive visuals and unique concept. In Eagle Flight, you control a bird as it soars through the air, swooping over Paris around buildings and bridges, however the player chooses. Ubisoft didn’t spill all the details about this game just yet, but it looks like a winner.