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Best Looking Games of 2015 So Far

by Prima Games Staff

High-end graphics don’t necessarily make a great video game, but we don’t buy expensive HDTVs to look at subpar visuals. With this in mind, these are the best-looking video games of 2015 available to buy right now. Before the end of the year, we expect Star Wars Battlefront, Halo 5: Guardians and Fallout 4 to make the list.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt of Rivia’s trek through the Northern Kingdoms features plenty of beautiful sights, providing you max out the settings on the PC version. Every square inch of this fantasy world comes packed with detail, featuring grand fortresses, captivating landscapes, smelly-looking swamps and a variety of so ugly they’re gorgeous creatures to slay, from menacing griffins to trolls and golems.  Think Middle-earth, except instead of playing as a hobbit, you assume the role of a sword-wielding, spell-casting badass.

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Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios delivered two gorgeous adventures set within the Batman universe, then topped itself with this summer’s Arkham Knight.  Players explore a grungy, partially neon-lit Gotham City as the Caped Crusader, gliding through the air and speeding down streets in the powerful Batmobile.   You’ll have as much fun admiring the detail of Batman’s suit as you will pummeling bad guys and hunting for Riddler Trophies.


You’ll find plenty of attention-grabbing sights in From Software’s devilishly tough PS4 exclusive. Magnificent cathedrals, broken down carriages (decomposing bodies of horses nearby) and intimidating castles will appeal to fans of the macabre. Don’t admire these set pieces for too long, though. The game’s numerous enemies will quickly bite, stab and blast your character back to Bloodborne’s hub world, Hunter’s Dream.

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Mortal Kombat X


Mortal Kombat has always been at the forefront of visual effects, offering some of the best-looking graphics since the original arcade release in 1992. With the latest entry in the series, Mortal Kombat X, the development team took their visual prowess to the next level. Not only are the character models extremely detailed, the animation is also some of the best we’ve seen in the series. The X-Ray attacks also show the detail that went into the internal models for the characters, almost entirely anatomically correct.

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Despite lacking horsepower compared to Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo manages to release visually stimulating video games on its Wii U console.  In particular, Splatoon, a fast-paced and frantic multiplayer shooter where the goal is to cover the environments in your team’s randomly assigned ink color, be it orange, blue or green.  Between the messy special effects, strange characters (you purchase weapons from a talking hermit crab) and Tokyo-inspired hub, Splatoon’s cartoon-style graphics make it a favorite among us graphics aficionados.

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Dying Light

Techland kicked off 2015 with its mesmerizing post apocalyptic zombie game where players use fancy parkour maneuvers to navigate through a Middle Eastern city overrun with undead.  Fancy architecture and day/night cycle aside, we find beauty in the most gruesome things, most notably separating a zombie’s head from its body and then hacking the corpse to pieces. Following such extreme bloodshed, we enjoy visiting the shore and watching the palm trees moving with the wind.

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The Order: 1886

Sony continues to do an outstanding job releasing games with cinematic flair, including older PS3 titles like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. The Order: 1886 continues this tradition, complete with movie-quality cut scenes and the fictitious backdrop of steam punk London, where a group of heroic knights battle both human and werewolf adversaries using electrical based weapons. There’s a good chance you missed out on playing The Order when it debuted earlier this year. Thankfully, it’s available at a budget price.

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