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Best Looking amiibo – King Dedede, Mega Man, Pit

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo released 29 amiibo into the retail world, each one a plastic tribute to one of the companys beloved characters.  Finding them all requires cash and a ton of patience, with fans generally split into two groups: those who plan to collect them all, and those who buy the ones they like.

Regardless of which camp you belong to, you probably have some favorites. We do too, so heres a list of the best looking amiibo in no particular order.


The companys overall-wearing mascot made an impressive amiibo debut. Upon closer inspection, youll see the fireball reflected in his clothing, and we havent seen many paint defects. Theres a chance this Mario will become rare as Nintendo prepares to release its new Super Mario line-up (the one that includes Toad) for Mario Party 10, so dont miss out on buying this one.

Mega Man

Capcoms Blue Bomber made a grand entrance in Super Smash Bros. last year on both Wii U and 3DS, and while we had positive things to say about his amiibo from the beginning, Nintendo definitely went above and beyond. Although he doesnt have Shulk level detail, we attribute this to his minimalist design.  That said, this amiibo made the list in part because of his metallic paint job on his helmet, gauntlets and Mega Buster cannon.


We adore Peach because of the detail put into her dress and the ring on her left hand; easy to miss that last one. Its the little things that impress us the most, largely because they communicate the thought Nintendo put into these character designs. With reports of this Peach becoming rarer, buy one pronto.

King Dedede


Well say this much, King Dedede looks both happy and warm. Without question one of the more detailed amiibo, Nintendo did outstanding work capturing his pleasant demeanor and lining of his coat. Plus, the dark lines on his hammer (which seem to vary per amiibo) make the wood seem realistic.

Captain Falcon

Falcon Punch! It took a bit of store hopping but we managed to find F-Zero alum Captain Falcon at Toys R Us. In regard to the design, Nintendo earned well-deserved kudos for his outfit (with emblem on the back of his jacket) and awesome kicking pose.


You could make the argument that Shulk is by far the coolest looking amiibo to date and we might agree. Both his outfit and Monado energy blade look stellar. The GameStop exclusive figure was initially in short supply, but a surprise re-listing allowed fans to order more.



Marios arch nemesis is quite the attention grabber, thanks to the detail on his shell and menacing appearance. He appears to be one of the most widely available amiibo, so you should buy him sooner than later before the new one comes out in March.


Nintendos winged adventurer dazzles in his Greek-inspired outfit, feathery wings and bow in his right hand.  A shame hes in such limited supply.



One of the first amiibo is still among the coolest. Your Samus may lean slightly to one side, but that sweet metallic paint job makes her an instant talking point.


What can we say? Sometimes the simplest looking characters are the coolest. The famous pink puffball doesnt have the same visual appeal as Captain Falcon (debatable, naturally), but hes adorable! Use him in the recently released Wii U adventure, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse; the same applies to King Dedede and Meta Knight.

All of these amiibo look excellent, but wait until you see Wave 4!

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