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Best In-Game Food Items of 2022

Some delectable treats this holiday season.

by Jesse Vitelli

We here at Prima Games love food. We love cooking, eating, and debating it in our Slack channel. We often share photos of delicious food we find in our games or cookbooks that allow us to make these delectable creations in real life. So, naturally why not talk about the best food we saw in video games this year? After all, it is the season.

Cat Borger – Endwalker

Sure, FFXIV Endwalker came out at the end of last year, but we’re putting it here because we didn’t get to talk about it last year. Graha Tia and his big cheeseburger makes the list. Look how big this burger is.

Shabriri Grapes – Elden Ring

Have you ever wanted to eat an eyeball? Well, just like everything else in Elden Ring, these Shabriri Grapes are disgusting looking, but probably the only thing we would actually try to eat in The Lands Between.

Cerise-Caprice Acqua Pazza – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This dish looks fantastic and is something we would love to eat. Even if it meant traveling to the dangerous world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we would fight any monster we needed to obtain the precious ingredients for this dish.

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Kirby Burger – Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Look, we know we already have a burger on this list, but look how cute this one is. If you’re too good for a hamburger please stop lying to yourself, especially if it means chomping down on one with Kirby and friends.

Anything Prepared by Chef Saltbaker

Some people know how to cook. Yes, we don’t care about anything else surrounding Chef Saltbaker; we want to eat all of his delicious-looking food and baked goods.

Bunny Dango – Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The massive Sunbreak expansion came out this year, and with it, more Bunny Dango. Prepared by the wonderful Palicoes, the food in Monster Hunter constantly enamors us.

Well, those are our picks for the best in-game food items of 2022. If you want more of our end-of-year series. Be sure to check out the best boss fights of 2022.

Jesse Vitelli

Jesse loves most games, but he really loves games that he can play together with friends and family. This usually means late nights in Destiny 2 or FFXIV. You can also find him chipping away at his ever-expanding backlog of JRPGS or staring at his massive Amiibo collection.