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Best Holiday Gifts for Nintendo Lovers

by Ginny Woo

If your household is a Team Nintendo house, then you’re probably wondering what you might be able to get the quintessential fan. Sure, it’s all very well and good to shell out for a Switch, but a true fanatic would likely have one already. We’ve tried to help you keep your options open here, so here’s our list of the best holiday gifts for Nintendo Lovers. 

Best Holiday Gifts for Nintendo Lovers – Hori Analogue Caps, Breath of the Wild Edition

Let’s first get some Switch picks out of the way; everyone’s favorite time to get accessories is now! We’re absolutely frothing over these analogue caps from Hori, especially since we consider ourselves ardent Breath of the Wild fans. They’re a cute way to jazz up your joycons and come in a set of four that you can nab from Amazon.

Best Holiday Gifts for Nintendo Lovers – Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has been a bit of a sleeper hit this year with the GOTY crowd, but that doesn’t stop us from loving it, Gooigi and all. This is definitely a gift that will stand the test of time and of age – both kids and adult Nintendo lovers aren’t gonna be able to get enough of its crisp visuals, the hilarious ghostly shenanigans, and more. You can get a copy on Amazon here. 

Best Holiday Gifts for Nintendo Lovers – Nintendo Switch Official Portable Charger

When the Anker official portable charger for the Switch came out, we all breathed a sigh of relief. With plenty of tech out there in danger of bricking the older models, it was nice to know that we could rely on something which is, well, a hell of a convenience for those who can’t get enough of using their Switch as it was intended – on the go. It’s basically a powerbank for your console, and you can get it on Amazon. 

Best Holiday Gifts for Nintendo Lovers – Nintendo Mario Piranha Plant Shirt

Hard to go wrong with a gaming shirt! Everyone could do with a spare shirt, and with the universal appeal of Mario, why not pick up this Nintendo Mario Piranha Plant Shirt from Hot Topic? It’s currently on discount too because of a flash sale if you’re picking it up online, down from $25 to about $16 so we reckon it’s a good deal right now. It’s an instantly recognizable design to any Nintendo fanatic, so go hard. 

Best Holiday Gifts for Nintendo Lovers – Paladone Nintendo Toad Mushroom Table Lamp

Wanting a night light but not wanting to quite shell out for one of those fancy wireless phone chargers that look like Link’s Sheikah slate from Breath of the Wild? Yeah, those exist, and they’re pretty naff. However, something a little friendlier on the budget and a little more adorable is this Paladone Nintendo Toad Mushroom table lamp. Perch it by your bed once you’ve picked it up from Amazon to brighten up your surroundings and to pretend that you’re in the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Best Holiday Gifts for Nintendo Lovers – Nintendo Isabelle Summer Outfit Amiibo

The Animal Crossing series is beloved to many, and Isabelle is probably one of our favorite series mascots ever. She’s super adorable and her Amiibo come in a variety of different outfits, but for something cute that you can pop on your desk and also use, why not go for her Summer Outfit Amiibo which you can grab on Amazon?

Best Holiday Gifts for Nintendo Lovers – Nintendo Switch Lite

Alright, just in case the Nintendo fan in your life doesn’t actually have a Nintendo Switch, we would recommend getting the Switch Lite. Packing a lil bit more screen real estate, and a better battery life than the original Switch early release, it’s sturdy and definitely lives up to the portability of the console. Sans detachable Joycons, it also comes at a more affordable pricetag and can be picked up from Amazon. 

There you have it, our list of the best holiday gifts for Nintendo lovers anywhere. If you’re needing suggestions for other goodies this Christmas, we’ve got a bunch of other lists that you might find helpful:

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