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With the arrival of the holiday season comes holiday shopping. At times, holiday shopping can feel quite chaotic as picking the perfect gift can be a challenge at times, especially when shopping for someone who already owns many of the items you’re looking to buy. 

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It can also be difficult when there aren’t many items related to a particular game or character that are easily available on the market. For fans of Kirby, the latter is particularly true as there aren’t as many unique products available for Kirby as there are for other Nintendo-related properties like Super Mario or Pokemon. 

That isn’t to say that awesome Kirby gifts don’t exist out there, though. To help you brainstorm gift ideas, we’ve decided to put together a list featuring some of the best gift ideas and options for the Kirby fans in your life!  

The Best Gifts for Kirby Fans

Little Buddy Kirby Plush (Assorted) 

The Little Buddy Kirby plushies are among the Kirby gifts we recommend the most as they’re consistent in quality, and there are quite a few different ones to choose from. We’ve purchased several of these plushies for our son who loves Kirby, and he’s always delighted when he receives a new one. 

What makes these little plushies even better when it comes to gift giving is that they’re all fairly inexpensive, with most of them sitting under $20 (USD) in price. A few recommendations from the Little Buddy collection include the following:

Club Mocchi Mocchi Jumbo Plush 24″ 

Let’s say a small Kirby plush just doesn’t have the “wow” factor you’re looking for in terms of a Christmas present. Let’s say you want a really, really, really big Kirby plush. Well, the jumbo Kirby plush from Club Mocchi Mocchi is perfect, albeit a little on the expensive side. 

This is another Kirby item we’ve purchased for our son, and to this day it remains his favorite Kirby. For younger kids, the jumbo Kirby plush is almost as big as they are, and is great to snuggle with. For Kirby collectors, it’ll undoubtedly be the biggest item in your Kirby collection… by far. 

Club Mocchi Mocchi makes a number of large, impressive Kirby plushies so if the biggest 24″ one is out of stock or it’s too expensive for you, there are several other awesome options for you to check out! 

Otamatone Kirby

Are you looking for something a little odd, perhaps with a touch of humor attached to it? Look no further than the Kirby-themed Otamatone. As one of the most peculiar “instruments” we’ve come across, the Otamatone is both a fun, whimsical gift and a great talking piece. 

Typically, the conversation around it goes, “What’s that?” With the response being the odd, awkward sounds of the Otamatone. Or to put things another way, the top rated comment for the Kirby Otamatone on Amazon is: “My family has disowned me for playing it 24/7. I can sucessfully play Beethoven’s 5th though.” 

Kirby Art & Style Collection

On a more serious gift note, Kirby fans who want to reminisce about past Kirby games, or admire the art style of Kirby games over the years, will love the Kirby Art & Style Collection book. It’s a lovely hardcover book featuring art and designs from various Kirby games. 

On Amazon, the book is described as follows: 

“A stylish new collection of art and designs from the best-selling Kirby video games. Featuring twenty-five years worth of sketches, artwork, Japanese video game box art, and more. With exclusive notes from creators and artists who have brought Kirby to life throughout the years.”

It’s one of those books that makes for a great coffee table book, and for artists, can serve as a nice source of inspiration. It’s also not overly expensive, so if you’re holiday shopping on a budget, this book is a great gift option in that regard!

Kirby Manga Mania Vol. 1

Another Kirby book to consider is the Kirby manga. Currently, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are available, with Vol. 3 available for pre-order ahead of its December 14 release (so it’ll be available right in time for Christmas).

Purchasing one, or all three, volumes of the Kirby manga can be a great addition to other Kirby gifts. For example, the Kirby manga’s contents are a little strange and funny, which would pair well tone wise with the Otamatone.

The art of the manga is also stellar, which pairs well with the Kirby Art & Style Collection book. And in general, if the Kirby fan you’re shopping for likes manga in general, the Kirby manga will be much appreciated.

Additionally, each volume is only $10 (USD), making them another inexpensive gift idea!

Kirby Plush Purse/Makeup Bag

Not only is Kirby adorable, Kirby can also be quite stylish in bag form. Speaking of which, there are two options on Amazon with one being a Kirby bag and the other being a Kirby makeup bag. Both are cute as can be, soft, made wll, and great for carrying things around with you from makeup, to your phone, to your Switch, to art and school supplies, and beyond.

Each bag is larger than you might expect, and not only are they large enough for carrying purposes, they’re also fairly inexpensive at $18 (USD) each. If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t already have one, they’ll likely be thrilled to receive one! 

Kirby Bento 3pc Set + Kirby Onigiri Mold

In terms of carrying things with you, bringing your own food and snacks is essential for work, school, road trips, and beyond. To keep your food safe and secure, why not consider a cute Kirby bento set?

On Amazon, there’s a 3pc set featuring a cute Kirby design. While not “large” in terms of lunch boxes, they’re described by Amazon reviewers as being functional and great for portion control.

They’re also easy to wash, and an inexpensive gift at $14 (USD). To add to the bento set, you can also get this cute Kirby onigiri mold for $7 (USD)

Kirby’s Dream Land 3pc Stacking Cups

Another item you can pair with the Kirby bento set and onigiri mold is the 3pc set of Kirby stacking cups. These are fairly small so they’re a bit less functional than the Kirby bento set – unless you’re using these cups to drink a small serving of green tea – but they do look good in the kitchen as a decorative item for example.

They’re also very inexpensive at $7 (USD) for the set. We recommend getting these with both the Kirby bento and Kirby onigiri mold for the perfect lunch set! 

Good Smile Kirby’s Dream Land: Kirby Nendoroid Action Figure

The Nendoroid for Kirby is the most expensive item on this list at $98 (USD) on Amazon, but due to this price, is an amazing gift to give someone if you’re financially able to. You may also be able to find the Kirby Nendoroid cheaper on sites like eBay.

The Kirby Nendoroid from Good Smile is described as follows:

“From Good Smile Company. From the popular game series Kirby’s Dream Land comes a Nendoroid of Kirby himself! The Nendoroid makes use of a number of magnets for posing, making his movements smooth, natural and easy to pose!

He also comes with four different expressions parts, including his standard smiling face, a more serious face, an expression with his mouth wide open to display his using the inhaling ability, plus an expanded expression to show him filled up after inhaling!

A collection of optional parts are also included, such as parts that allow you to display him using the Copy Abilities “Sword”, “Fire” and “Star Rod”. All sorts of optional parts to recreate your favorite scenes from the game in Nendoroid size.” 

Not only is the Kirby Nendoroid a great collectible, it can be used for a multitude of things including stop motion animation, cute and creative photos, art inspiration, and more. 

Custom, Rare, and Unique Kirby Items on Etsy

Image Source: AdriCloudCity on Etsy

Etsy can be a great place to find unique gifts, and Kirby-themed gifts are no exception. You can find Kirby art prints from talented artists, Kirby pins, Kirby face masks, and more!

Below, we’ve listed a few examples of Kirby gifts on Etsy that are worth taking a closer look at. 

Again, those items are just a few examples. We highly recommend searching through Etsy yourself for Kirby gifts as you never know what you may find!

Rare, Older, Collectible Kirby Games

Image Source: eBay user – salvation_armanni

If the Kirby fan you’re shopping for loves to collect Kirby games, getting them older, rare Kirby games can be a great way to surprise and impress them. There are a number of options to choose from here, and places to shop at.

We personally recommend checking out your local used game store, but you can also shop online on eBay, Amazon, GameStop, and more. Note that depending on the games you’re looking to buy, you may be looking at spending a good deal of money.

These aren’t inexpensive gifts, but they are cool and fun little pieces of Kirby history, and we think that makes them worth it… even if they can get quite pricey! 

Below, we’ve got a few examples to help get you started:

Pre-Order Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Last, but certainly not least, we have a gift idea that you’d need to pre-order. In terms of unwrapping gifts on Christmas, this one isn’t the best for that. However, it’s unlikely your gift recipient already has this Kirby game as it’s not out yet (unless they pre-ordered it themselves). 

To “give” them the pre-order, you can print out or show confirmation that you’ve purchased it for them and that they’ll receive it as soon as it’s released. Given that we don’t know exactly when this will be yet, we recommend pairing this gift with other Kirby gifts on this list. 

As for why this game is worth a pre-order, Kirby and The Forgotten Land looks stunning and a lot of Kirby fans are already looking forward to playing it. Not having to pay for the game, and having someone else pre-order it, makes for a super thoughtful gift… even if it’s a little unconventional.

We hope this holiday gift guide has helped! Be sure to check back as we’ll be posting more of these holiday gift guides throughout the months of November and December. If you have any requests for specific gift guides you’d like us to do, leave us a comment below and we’ll add your suggestions to our list! 

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