Best Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X

You think Scorpion cutting off Sub-Zero's face is intense? Wait until you see which MKX fatalities we think are the best.

While the gameplay is there, it’s the raw violence that put Mortal Kombat on the map. The fatalities in the first game made the news in many areas and resulted in the infamous Blood Code for the Sega Genesis version of the game, and the sweat-fill censorship of the Super Nintendo port.

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With the new generation of console hardware comes more detailed games. Character models are far more elaborate than they’ve ever been and environments are detailed and expansive. When it comes to the new Mortal Kombat, that also means the fatalities get an all-new level of violence and realism. The game doesn’t hit store shelves until April, but we’ve already seen a good number of the new finishing moves. Join us as we take a look at some of the best.

Kotal Kahn – Heart Drinker

The new ruler of Outworld takes a page from Kano’s book by ripping out the heart of his defeated victim. However, he then takes things one step further by holding the heart over his head and squeezing it. In what seems to be more of a sacrificial act, Kotal Kahn then drinks the blood that drains from his opponent’s heart, covering his face in gore. It’s a throwback to the original game, while still keeping in line with the design of the new character.

Cassie Cage – Bubblegum

The spawn of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage has a personality all her own. Her first fatality shows her using one of her guns to shoot out the kneecaps of her defeated foe. With the opponent kneeling on the ground she finishes them off with a final shot to the forehead. For most, that would be enough satisfaction, but Cassie Cage doesn’t stop there. She walks over to the victim, takes the chewing gum out of her mouth and covers the newly formed bullet hole on their forehead. This causes a blood bubble to form, leaving blood everywhere when it pops.

Raiden – Shock Therapy

In some ways Raiden’s first fatality is a more detailed version of his original Mortal Kombat finishing move. He electrocutes the opponent’s head until their eyeballs pop out, and the head flies up into the air detached from the body. He then targets the airborne head with his lightning-like projectile stream as it explodes into tiny pieces. For those who don’t recall, Raiden’s original MK fatality featured him using a similar lightning-like stream to explode his opponent’s head. This new finishing move pays homage to the original with a bit of flair leading up to the exploding head.

Quan Chi – Breakfast of Champions

While nothing will top Quan Chi’s Mortal Kombat 4 fatality of beating an opponent to death with their own leg, his first Mortal Kombat X fatality stands on its own. A lengthy dagger appears between Quan Chi and his opponent. As the dagger hovers in the air, Quan Chi puts the opponent under a spell, causing them to walk toward the dagger. As the dagger pierces the opponent’s mouth it continues to push all the way through their brain. When the sad victim finally stops walking, the dagger firmly lodged in their face, Quan Chi levitates the body into the air, causing the still stationary dagger to cut it in two. Gruesome to say the least!

D’Vorah – Insecticide

D’Vorah is the master of insects and that aspect shows in her first Mortal Kombat X fatality. She sends a flurry of insects toward the opponent, punching a hole in their torso and chest as they fly through the opponent, then back toward D’Vorah. But what’s this? It seem as if the opponent is still moving around. Fear not, the insects finish the job by devouring the skin on the opponent’s head, leaving a bloody skull. With the natural support system of the skull no longer intact, the jaw falls off, then the head plummets to the ground and roles toward D’Vorah. She then crushes the head with her boot to cap off the fatality.

Ferra/Torr – Long Jump (X-Ray)

While the Ferra/Torr’s X-Ray obviously isn’t a fatality, we thought it deserved an honorable mention because it’s so much fun. Torr, the larger brute, grabs the opponent and crushes their skull as he slams them to the ground. He then lifts them back into the air and dishes out a solid punch to the chest that breaks a few ribs. As the opponent flies away, Ferra runs up Torr’s back, screaming fanatically as she does. She launches off Torr like a springboard and brutally stabs the opponent’s face with her twin blade. Ferra’s scream is by far the best part.

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