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The Best Fallout Swag – Mini-Nuke, Vault Boy Watch

by Prima Games Staff

Bethesda already announced Fallout 4 collectibles, ranging from t-shirts to perhaps the coolest pack-in of all time, a working Pip-Boy for hardcore fans to wear on their wrists while playing the game. Before buying this sweet merchandise, perhaps you should fill out your collection with the following must have items from previous games in the epic Fallout series, beginning with the most recent.

You can find many of these collectibles at Bethesda’s online store.

Fallout Anthology Mini-Nuke

If you’re new to the Fallout universe, perhaps it’s a good idea to go back and play through the franchise.  If you do this, look no further than Fallout Anthology for the PC. In addition to receiving all of the Fallout games (including the content rich Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition), you’re able to store these games in a miniature nuke with realistic bomb sounds; there’s even room for Fallout 4 when it arrives. Basically, $49.99 gets you hundreds of hours of content and one of the best-looking collectibles around. Every Fallout fan needs this in his or her life.

Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition Lunchbox

Bethesda brought the Fallout series back in style with this attractive bundle, featuring a Fallout 3-branded metal lunchbox, Art of Fallout 3 book and Vault Boy bobble head; oh yes, and the award-winning video game of course. These things were reasonably priced in 2008 and shortly afterwards, but now you’ll need to fork over a sizable amount of dough to buy one unopened.

Side note, the Amazon exclusive Survival Edition comes with a Pip-Boy clock. Last we checked, someone will gladly sell his or her used copy for $10,000 plus.

Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition

No lunchbox this time, but Bethesda packed its New Vegas bundle with Fallout inspired poker chips, a deck of cards and a Lucky 39 platinum chip. Additionally you’ll receive the All Roads graphic novel.  Similar to the Fallout 3 pack, expect to pay top dollar for this.

Funko Pop! Glow in the Dark Vault Boy

Now onto something more affordable. Funko Immortalized the iconic Vault Boy as part of its beloved toy line with the added twist of glowing radioactive green when the lights go out. There are other characters to choose from, including the Brotherhood of Steel, Feral Ghoul and Lone Wanderer, perfect for lining a shelf, preferably the one in the same room as your gaming setup.

Tranquility Lane Vault Boy Watch

Move over, Rolex! Fallout’s Vault Boy conveniently keeps time with this 43mm gold ion plated watch, complete with leather band. In addition to looking cool, the watch can survive underwater dives up to 30 meters and the mineral crystal lens is scratch resistant.  Not bad for $60.

Nuka Cola Etched Mug

The fact that we can’t find Nuka Cola in real vending machines is a crime, but at the very least we’re able to fill this Fallout inspired mug with our preferred beverage. Then we can drink while wearing a Fallout t-shirt. Speaking of which…

Vintage Nuka Cola T-Shirt

There are many Fallout t-shirts for sale, but we gravitated to this one because of its worn appearance, suggesting even this piece of clothing survived the nuclear blast.

Vault 101 Hoodie

While on the subject of clothing, and since winter is coming, you need to fork over the $19.99 for this Vault 101 hoodie. Only size XXL is available, but at least the Vault 111 hoodie is on its way.

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