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Best Destiny 2 Black Friday 2019 Deals

by Ginny Woo

f you’ve been waiting for some time and some money to get into Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then you’re probably in luck! We’re talking some huge discounts on what it takes for you to get your Guardian boots on and to jump headfirst into the action when it comes to things like the most recent Zero to Hundred raid challenge. Check out what we know about the best Destiny 2 Black Friday 2019 deals that are currently being offered by Bungie. 

Best Destiny 2 Black Friday 2019 Deals

In case you aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to picking up the necessary components for an enjoyable Destiny 2 experience, well, we don’t blame you. The game’s gone through a number of expansions and iterations at this point, and it can be tough to acquire all the bits that you need. Luckily, the Bungie store has made it easy. You can pick up the following deals:

  • The Forsaken expansion is going for $15
  • Shadowkeep is going for $21
  • The Deluxe Edition of Shadowkeep is going for $45

For those who aren’t quite in the know, the Deluxe Edition of Shadowkeep retailing for that is quite the steal. Of course, it’s going to include the base game which is the draw, but you’re also going to receive the season pass for Year 3. This retails for just a little less than both the deals for Forsaken and Shadowkeep combined that are being offered by Bungie on their store, so it’s honestly a steal to pick this edition up for Black Friday if you want a more definitive experience.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the best Destiny 2 Black Friday 2019 deals that Bungie has to offer, it might be a little easier to get any mates who were previously on the fence to shell out for their very own space opera adventure. With the Season of Dawn shaping up to be a bumper one indeed, what better time to get your foot in the door than with one of these killer discounted deals? Need a hand with any other gift recommendations? Check out some of our other Black Friday insider deals:

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