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Best Custom Painted amiibo – Metal Mario, Fierce Deity Link

by Prima Games Staff

There are two kinds of amiibo collectors, those who keep their figures sealed in their colorful packaging and fans who rip open these containers, cast aside the plastic and proudly display the characters. Some people take this a step further by painting their amiibo, and the result are sharp-looking figures guaranteed to draw plenty of attention.

We lack the skills and steady hands to do this (our experience begins and ends with Pokemon Art Academy for 3DS), so we searched through message boards to find the best custom painted amiibo.

Find more amiibo creations at r/amiibo!

Metal Mario amiibo

Reddit user pcpBandit got his or her hands on a Mario amiibo and a can of chrome spraypaint. The result is arguably the finest custom painted amiibo we’ve seen. You can do this right now. The key is to tape up the fire ball and stand.

Pink-Suited Little Mac


This hard-to-find Little Mac amiibo is ready to hit the boxing ring wearing his iconic pink workout suit from the Punch-Out!! games. Reddit user Zabashal used Sculpey Souffle clay to create the suit and then baked him in the oven for 15 minutes on 275 degrees.  According to him, the NFC chip still works!

We do not encourage putting amiibo in the oven.

Fierce Deity Link


Redditor darkdreamr did a great job capturing the details of Fierce Deity Link from Majora’s Mask. Upon closer inspection, the white eyes are an improvement over the standard Link amiibo, who is often crosseyed.

Dark Zelda


User sylph689 claims his or her Dark Zelda is a work in progress, but it looks quite impressive so far! If Nintendo ever makes a Zelda variant, this would be near the top of our must have list.

Light Blue and Dark Blue Yoshis


The first image of Yoshi that pops into our heads is the green version, but there are multiple colors in different games. FideeraNab puts them on display with these expertly painted amiibo. Seriously, if Nintendo ever comes out with Yoshi in different poses and colors, it’s over.

Daisy amiibo


Some painters are so talented they’re able to transform amiibo into different characters. Such is the case with plasticstomach’s Daisy amiibo, which goes to show how similar she is to Princess Peach.

Wireframe Little Mac amiibo


Although it’s a work in progress, we would gladly buy this awesome Little Mac from Redditor Cheetimus. Hey Nintendo, make this one happen!

Do you have a cool custom painted amiibo that you want us to highlight? Let us know!

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