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Best, and Weirdest, Mods In Resident Evil 3: Remake

by Liana Ruppert

PC gamers love to mod and we have a very weird obsession with Thomas the Tank engine. It’s to both of those points that it should be of no surprise to anyone that the gaming community all but pounced at the chance to put their creative spin on the Resident Evil 3: Remake and that creative energy gets awesome, weird, and “oh my god, what?” all at the same time. To help with your spin-y journey, here are some of the best, and weirdest, mods in the Resident Evil 3: Remake

Best Mods for Resident Evil 3: Remake

First things first, for tradition! Thomas the Tank Engine is back to crash another game, this time taking on the role of Nemesis himself. Just when we thought Nemesis couldn’t get any more terrifying, one modder decided to up the ante by plastering this creepy smile all over the game with the train that just keeps chugging along. At this point, he’s basically the PC Master Race mascot. 

For those looking to get in on this mod’s action, you can download it, for free, right here

You may remember this one because we’ve covered it before but it’s too good not to include in this list. Isabelle from Animal Crossing has conquered seas of hellish hordes alongside Doomguy thanks to the now-viral head-canon friendship between the DOOM protagonist and this adorable character that is as pure as they come. Now Isabelle is back to invade another type of game, this time mowing down zombies as Jill Valentine. 

This mod is a simple reskin, just the mask of the Animal Crossing darling, but honestly? This is an improvement. Isabelle makes everything better and you can download this bad boy right here.

Why be Jill Valentine when you can be a sandwich instead? Yup, this mod definitely falls into the weird and bizarre category, but one thing is for sure – it does liven up the dreary and terrifying game a bit. It’s hard to take things too seriously when Jill rolls up to absolutely slay wearing effectively a giant hamburger. 

You’re welcome, and you can also download this mod here. 


This Bad Boxart Megaman Carlos mod reskins Carlos with … you guessed it, bad boxart Megaman. Is it weird that we feel like this actually kind of works, because we feel like this kind of works. Anyway, Carlos needed a little sprucing anyway and this is the best, and worst, thing to happen to Resident Evil and we are here for it. 

You can download this travesty right here. 

Speaking of our pal Carlos, another reskin mod tackles this character by replacing him with Dante from Devil May Cry 5. Older, wiser, and still kicking butt, Dante’s presence definitely improves the game in a way that it really doesn’t, we just really like the character. For those that are ready to add a little hellish glory into Resident Evil 3, this particular mod can be found here. 

Like NieR Automata? Like Resident Evil? Why not have both? Now you can, because this mod replaces Jill Valentine’s normal look with that of 2B instead, blending the best of both worlds for a modding dream come true. With the news recently of a NieR remaster in the works, this mod comes at the perfect time for fans to celebrate a favorite in gaming history. 

There are so many other mods out there, some not exactly SFW, but you can celebrate all things Resident Evil 3 by changing the crap out of it as well as checking out our game hub here to learn more news, cosplay, and tips and tricks before heading back into a world overrun by zombies. 


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