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Best amiibo to Buy Right Now – Pit, Little Mac, Mario and More

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since Nintendo released amiibos on November 21st, these tiny figures have become the next hot toy for the holidays. Whether they’re familiar favorites like Mario, Link and Pikachu, or more obscure characters like Marth and Wii Fit Trainer, they work quite well with Super Smash Bros. and also look cool sitting on a shelf.

While we wait for Wave 3 to arrive, featuring the likes of Lucario from Toys R Us and the debut of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, we rattled off a list of our favorite amiibos so far. Granted, some are tougher to find than others, but persistence pays off. Besides, we expect Nintendo to ship more 2014 amiibos next year.

Little Mac


There’s no question that our favorite boxer from Punch-Out!! is a great character in Smash Bros., especially when you wind up with his power punches, and his amiibo is a must have. Positioned in a fighting stance and ready to knock someone out with his bright green gloves, Mac is one the best amiibos available, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to level up to 50 in Smash Bros. All that we ask is that King Hippo gets a turn in the amiibo lineup – just for the sake of giving Mac some company.


Be honest. Before he was released as an amiibo, did you know who Marth was? This Fire Emblem vet deserves respect, especially considering all he’s done in the series over the years. We never expected him to be one of the more popular amiibo, but the fact that Nintendo shipped the character in such limited quantities drove fans crazy. If you see him in stores, buy the amiibo immediately. Otherwise, you’re looking at upwards of $60 on eBay, but watch out for bent swords!


This Kid Icarus superstar features an excellent pose, with outstanding detail on his outfit, weapon and wings. Unfortunately he’s one of the rarest amiibo in the U.S., and you’ll have one heck of time finding even one of them sitting among the Links, Donkey Kongs and Kirbys. Similar to Marth, though, buy him pronto because you may not see him again for quite a while.

Captain Falcon

“Falcon PUNNNNCH!” The heroic F-Zero star left his mark on the racing series – especially on the GameCube – and he makes a similar impact in Smash Bros., complete with his patented punch technique. His amiibo is just as epic, stuck in a heroic pose that suggests he’s about to kick down a few doors… or heads. He’s available in very limited quantities, so be on the lookout while shopping at your favorite store(s).


Few people give Mario’s brother the respect he deserves, but we will. Luigi is a very capable fighter in Smash Bros., pulverizing opponents just as well as his bro. Rather than prepare for combat like Mario, he perches himself like a rocket ready for takeoff… or is he about to plank? The year of Luigi may be over, but at least on the positive side, he has one of the best amiibo around.


Despite many amiibo suffering from painting issues and other mishaps, Kirby is for the most part spot on. Instead of a fancy combat move, he sits on the ground with a smile across his face. There’s no denying the cuteness, though in Smash Bros., he’ll still eat you up and spit you out like nobody’s business.

Princess Peach

At first, we resisted the urge to buy Peach. For one, we’re a bunch of guys and she comes in pink packaging. Over time, however, we came to appreciate the detail for her amiibo, from the gold pattern on her dress to the tiny ring on her left hand. Besides, real men wear pink, right?


Keeping with the ladies, there’s no denying how awesome Zelda looks. The dress billowing in the wind, the Triforce symbol and other tiny details make her stand out among her fellow amiibo stars. She’s readily available pretty much everywhere, so you’ll have no trouble finding the Princess.


Most of the Samus Aran amiibos lean to one side, but you’ll eventually find a good one. Regardless of her position, though, the detail looks incredible for such a tiny figure, rivaling the larger toys that have appeared over the years. We can only imagine the insanity Zero Suit Samus will cause.


Finally, since we don’t have Toon Link, Sonic or Mega Man yet (they arrive in February), we can’t go wrong with Mario. He is without question one of the coolest amiibo on the shelf, ready to unleash his fireball on whoever gets in his way. Bowser? Child’s play. Captain Falcon? Bring him on! Mario has one of the most confident poses of all – and he levels up like a beast in Smash, with devastating fireball attacks and other techniques. Fortunately, you’ll have no problem finding him in stores.

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