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Battlefield 4 Map Cards

by Prima Games Staff

This just in . . . Battlefield 4 Map Cards . . .


There is an energy in the Prima Games office today, a buzz of anticipation and maybe the faint whiff of mortar smoke. Today the samples of the Battlefield 4 Map Cards arrived, still warm from the presses.

full set

They are more than just beautiful, they are useful. Do you ever get antsy waiting for the next game to load?  With Prima’s detailed maps, you’ll be able to spend that time building a plan to get the edge on your opponents.

front side

The front side of each card is a dry-erase multiplayer level overview map. Plan your strategy to capture control points, destroy M-Com stations, note bomb positions and pesky sniper locations. Mark up the map, wipe it clean, then mark it up again.

mark up

wipe off

The back side of the card has concrete, advanced-level strategies from 4 Battlefield 4 pro gamers: Strongside, Elumnite, Walshy, and Flamesword. Plus get a description of the Levolution Moment for each map.

back side

Battlefield 4 Map Card Stats:
  • Double-sided
  • 8 x 10
  • Heavy cardstock
  • Dry-erase finish on the map side
  • High quality matte finish on the strategy side

These cards are only available with the Prima Games Official Battlefield 4 Collector’s Edition Guide. Pre-order your copy now from any of these retailers:


Barnes & Noble

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