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Battleborn Extended Look – Intergalactic Mayhem with a Penguin

by Prima Games Staff

If you’re a fan of Gearbox Software – and you should be, considering the company’s Borderlands games – you’re no doubt eagerly anticipating the arrival of Battleborn, the developer’s latest co-op supported action game.

We published a first look ( a few months ago, but we thought it’d be worth revisiting, especially with the variety of new characters (25 total) introduced for the game, as well as some quick hints on how to survive the forthcoming beta.

First up is Isic, a robot with a computer generated face and a sleek, muscular body. This character delivers a devastating punch on the battlefield, using his code to create projectile attacks and punches, making him dangerous both up close and from afar. His Plasma Dash is great for clearing out multiple enemies (think lethal bowling), while his Omega Strike replaces his Charge Cannon with something far more effective, making it ideal against larger enemies.

Likewise, the punk-ish Mellka is also an ideal character for both skirmish and long-range battles. Her custom machine pistol can shoot plenty of bullets, while at the same time blasting a venom canister during reloading that explodes on impact; she can also use her green-colored claw.

Ambra, who looks like something between a cross of an Egyptian robot and a princess, is perfect for those who prefer close-range combat. Her Staff of Radiance can deliver a powerful blow (good when it comes to bringing down a boss from behind), and her Sunspot and Solar Wind can also deliver strong attacks on enemies within the immediate area. She also has the ability to call upon a meteor to strike down in a pre-determined location.

Benedict, a half-bird, half-man soldier packing plenty of firepower may look freaky, but he delivers a strong blow for anyone who prefers run-and-gun gameplay in the world of Battleborn. He’s able to punish enemies using his UPR-SM23 Rocket Launcher, as well as an Aviant Exosuit that keeps him safe from most strikes, thanks to a balance between combat mobility and damage output. He also has increased maneuverability with his Flyboy technique, using a double jump to reach higher platforms so he can strike enemies from above.

Boldur is a big, lovable oaf who isn’t afraid to show his strong side – or moon someone, for that matter. He uses a Runic Axe that can deliver a thunderous blow to anyone who gets too close, while calling upon special techniques, including Rage and the Runes of Power, to deliver even greater damage to larger groups. He’s a bit slow, but once you get used to his techniques, he’s a splendid addition to anyone’s battle squadron.

Finally, for gamers who think penguins are useless, there’s Toby. This homicidal bird is an ideal addition to the roster, a penguin in a mechanized suit that can clean house with dangerous strikes and long-range attacks. He’ll take center stage during the upcoming beta, so make sure you give him a try – you may never underestimate a penguin in a video game again.

As far as general tips go, keep these in mind:

Keep an eye on your special attacks. Similar to the Borderlands games, you’ll have access to your special techniques once they recharge. Your best bet is to save these for when you need them (like dealing with large groups of enemies, or bosses) and then rely on your firepower to clean up the mess. Waste not, want not.

Don’t rush too far ahead. Battleborn, like Borderlands, relies heavily on team tactics. Working alongside your squad is the best thing you can do. Rushing ahead may seem like a good idea if you’re the crazy type, but keep in mind that if you take too much damage, you may be out of luck when it comes to needing a resurrection to get back into the action. Stay with your team as often as you can.

One thing at a time. Keeping the logic of staying with your team, make sure you know your objectives, but try to focus on the situation at hand. If you get bombarded, deal with these enemies sooner than later so you don’t get hit from behind or leave one of your squadmates with more than he or she can handle. Clean house, then move on as a team.

Good luck, and we’ll see you in the beta when it launches.

Battleborn arrives for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 3rd.


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