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Batman: Arkham Knight Demo – All Hail the Batmobile

by Bryan Dawson

Batman is the main character in Arkham Knight, but after witnessing everything the Batmobile can do, it almost seems as though Batman is secondary. That’s how awesome the Batmobile in Arkham Knight truly is, but what’s even more impres-sive is how seamlessly Batman and his new ride work together in Arkham Knight. Instead of two separate entities, the two are essentially one being that takes down criminal scum.

First and foremost, Batman can call upon the Batmobile anytime and at any place. If you glide halfway across the city, don’t worry. You can call upon the Batmobile just before you land, and you’ll soon see it screeching around the corner. Need to get someone high up, but you’re on the ground floor? No worries! Get up to speed in the Batmobile and send Batman flying as he launches himself out of the cockpit with enough speed to get all the air he needs.

The Batmobile even plays an integral role in combat situations. It has an impres-sive battle mode that equips the vehicle with a wide variety of weaponry, includ-ing a cannon, riot suppressor, vulcan gun and missile barrage mounted on the top of the car. But it’s not just about the armory included within the Batmobile, it be-comes much more agile in battle mode. You’re basically controlling a fast tank be-cause you can strafe left or right with ease to avoid enemy fire.

Even when Batman is not inside the Batmobile, he can still team up with his ride to perform combo attacks. When the Batmobile is close by, attack enemies like normal, knock them into the air, then call upon the Batmobile to land the finishing blow with the riot suppressor while Batman moves on to the next enemy. The Batmobile is basically a really cool, armored version of Robin in this game.

There are other aspects of the Batmobile beyond just combat. If you need to cre-ate a ramp to get somewhere, use a grappling hook in the front of the vehicle to grab the street ahead. Once you have a firm grip, simply put the car in reverse to lift up the street until you have created a ramp. At this point, the ramp remains in place for use throughout the rest of the mission.

Speaking of missions, when you need to pick up bad guys or save the good guys, the Batmobile is there for you. There’s a personal carrier in the back of the Batmobile that holds two people (good or bad). There are plenty of missions in which you need to find a hostage, put him in the back of the Batmobile, then transport him to a safe area. All of the new abilities of the Batmobile add another layer of strategy to the final game in Rocksteady’s Arkham series.

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