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Baby Yoda Invades Minecraft Because Why Not?

by Liana Ruppert

Earlier this week we shared a new Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod on the way that brings the true star of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian into the game. Yes, naturally we’re talking about Baby Yoda and we’re not going to stop because players keep adding him to different games with the latest being none other than Minecraft. 

It’s true that we don’t know his actual name, but that hasn’t stopped this cute little nugget of pure murderous joy from uniting the internet in full and gifting us with some of the best meme-worthy GIFs to use online. Now this cutesy little feller is crashing the blocky world of Minecraft and … yeah, we’re in love: 


According to YouTuber Miles Playz, Baby Yoda will act as a companion in Minecraft fully equipped with the force powers seen in the show. Watching the adorable Baby Yoda yeet a creeper off into the distance is something we didn’t know we needed until now, yet here we are. 

Miles says that this datapack will release for Minecraft 1.14 and will be available for all to enjoy soon. He is also careful to mention that this is a datapack, not a mod in its traditional sense, so you don’t need to drop through hoops and various texture packs to get it just right. 

You can learn more right here through his YouTube channel! 

Want even more Minecraft to tide you over before this little guy joins the party? Minecraft sans Baby Yoda can be found here through our game hub for more news, tips, and more regarding the creative venture! 

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