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Anthem Voice Actor Cast

by Prima Games Staff

As you work your way through Anthem’s story campaign, you may find yourself recognizing some of the voices you hear. For example, Neeson Giles is voiced by actor Joe Lo Truglio, who you may know as Charles Boyle on the TV show Brooklyn Nine Nine. 

On the IMDB page for Anthem, the full cast list has been provided, giving you the ability to search for specific characters in order to find out who their voice actor is. For those who’ve yet to dive into Anthem and are curious as to which voices they may hear, we’ve got a breakdown featuring some of the most notable voice actors in Anthem! 

Male Player – Ray Chase 

The Male Player in Anthem is voiced by Ray Chase. There are a plethora of interesting voice credits under Chase’s belt including Roy from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Klaus Waltz in Valkyria Chronicles 4, and Evgra De Tershaav in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Chase also provides English voice dubs for anime shows including Boruto and Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga. 

Female Player – Sarah Elmaleh 

In Anthem, the Female Player is voiced by actress Sarah Elmaleh. During her time as a voice actress, Sarah has voiced other video game characters including Katie in Gone Home, Tamitha in Pyre, and Rose in Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. 

Neeson Giles – Joe Lo Truglio 

As noted above, Neeson Giles is played by actor Joe Lo Truglio. In addition to playing Charles Boyle in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Truglio has played Bryce in Bob’s Burgers, Neil in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, and various characters in the series Drunk History. Other video game credits include voicing Vincenzo Cilli in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. 

Faye – Rochelle Neile

The character of Faye in Anthem is voiced by TV and short film actress Rochelle Neile. Prior to her voice acting work in Anthem, Rochelle played the role of Jessica in the TV series Episodes, Gigi in Free Reign, and Sarah in the short film Nika. Rochelle’s upcoming roles include playing the C-5 Co-Pilot in Terminator: Dark Fate. 

Haluk – Nick E. Tarabay 

Haluk in Anthem is voiced by actor Nick E. Tarabay. As a TV actor, you may recognize Nick as Digger Harkness in Arrow, Tyler Malone in Longmire, and Devon Grice in Person of Interest. Anthem is one of the first games Nick has voiced. In the future, you’ll be able to catch him as Paul Khoury in the upcoming TV series, The Phoenician Code. 

Ryssa Brin – Amy Okuda

The role of Ryssa Brin in Anthem is voiced by Amy Okuda. If Amy seems familiar, it’s because she’s been in a variety of notable TV shows. For example, she played Chiaki in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Julia Sasaki in Atypical, Jessica in The Good Place, and Catherine Hapstall in How to Get Away With Murder. 

Owen Corley – T.J. Ramini

Anthem’s Owen Corley is voiced by actor T.J. Ramini. With a varied list of credits under his belt, Ramini has voiced other video game characters including Del Meeko in Star Wars: Battlefront II, Habib Ismail in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Clive Siddiqi in Tacoma. On the TV side of things, Ramini has played roles on shows like NCIS: Los Angeles and The Librarians.

Tassyn – Annie Wersching 

Voicing Tassyn in Anthem is Annie Wersching. Another TV actress, you may recognize Annie from roles like Leslie Dean in Runaways, Emma Whitmore in Timeless, Julia Brascher in Bosch, and Lily Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. In the gaming realm, Annie has also voiced characters like Tess in The Last of Us. 

Monitor – Anthony Howell

Curious who voices Monitor in Anthem? It’s actually actor Anthony Howell, who’s voiced other video game characters including Jonathan Reid in Vampyr, Bahavas in Horizon Zero Dawn, and Barachiel in Space Hulk: Deathwing. Other roles you may recognize Howell from include the TV series Luther where he played the character of Palmer, and as Francesco Sforza in the show Medici. 

Prospero – Chiké Okonkwo 

The voice of Prospero in Anthem is Chiké Okonkwo. In the past, Chiké has voiced characters i games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Killzone: Mercenary. On TV, Chiké is known for roles including Lee Truitt in Being Mary Jane, Lennox in Banshee, and D.C. Callum Gada in Paradox. 

Yarrow – David Lodge 

Another recognizable voice in Anthem is Yarrow, voiced by actor David Lodge. With a plethora of voice acting credits to his name, David Lodge has done voice work in games like Red Dead Redemption II, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, and Creed: Rise to Glory. Other things you may recognize Lodge from include the English dub of Jiraiya in the anime Naruto, and the voice of Kelsey Grammer in Family Guy. 

For the full list of voice actors in Anthem, be sure to check out the game’s page on IMDB!

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