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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Devs Love the Isabelle and DOOM Slayer Fan Art

by Liana Ruppert

DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons both release on the same date and while the two games couldn’t be further apart, that doesn’t mean fans haven’t put both the DOOM Slayer and Isabelle together as BFFs for life. Even Bethesda and Nintendo themselves ship this friendship and honestly, this is the kind of wholesome content the world needs right now. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s director Aya Kyogoku and producer Hisashi Nogami recently sat down with the team over at IGN to talk about the surprising friendship between the two protagonists and how it makes the world just a little brighter. 

“I definitely do notice and have noticed that there’s a lot of Doom and Animal Crossing collaboration art and illustrations that are being posted,” Kyogoku told the site, “and as I look through them I’m in awe of how much creativity our fans have.” 

“So Animal Crossing and Doom — obviously the game genres are completely different. We definitely do have something in common, and that is that they’re both video games, and come from that same subculture so to speak,” he added. “It’s so great to see that these two different [fandoms] are coming together and hyping up the gaming [community] and gaming culture itself. It really is a great thing to see.”

With everyone going on right now both physical and mental health is very strained. A smile, even for a little bit, goes miles, so to help make your day a little brighter, here are some of our favorite DOOM Eternal x Animal Crossing: New Horizon fanart submissions: 

Both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal release on March 20th, with DOOM Eternal releasing physical copies on March 19th for crowd control. You can also purchase DOOM Eternal here and Animal Crossing here to get your own copy while also helping to support Prima Games! 

Header image art by Redditor ‘CommanderStrange

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