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Animal Crossing amiibo Festival – Every amiibo

by Prima Games Staff

Judging by this year’s announcements, Nintendo plans to continue making amiibo for a long time. This makes us both thrilled and somewhat worried, with happy thoughts of new figures interspersed with images of camping out at retail stores to buy the exclusives.  Yes, we want them all.

Well, the Super Smash Bros. lineup is still ongoing (no official release date for Wave 5) and Nintendo revealed a new Wii U game called Animal Crossing amiibo Festival. As the title implies, this light-hearted party game has its own amiibo figures, and Nintendo based them on some of the franchise’s most beloved characters.

The publisher describes amiibo Festival as a dynamic board game, with one of several goals to make your villager the happiest in town.  Tap the amiibo to the Wii U GamePad and you’ll collect Happy Points, play alongside friends and then unlock additional features.  No word on whether the Villager from the Smash lineup works with this game, but it seems like a safe bet. 

There’s also a line of Animal Crossing amiibo cards to unlock mini-games, but for now, we have a look at all of the Festival amiibo, which should debut alongside the video game when it releases sometime this holiday season. We expect K.K. Slider to be in high demand. 

We also plan to buy all of these amiibo. Perhaps Nintendo will accept bells as payment.

For more amiibo news, check out this amiibo subreddit, then prepare for Wave 5.

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Now watch the trailer for Animal Crossing amiibo Festival, and see Star Fox Zero in action!

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