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amiibo Wave 5 Preview – Dark Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo’s Wave 4 amiibo released in North America almost two weeks ago, and fans already want info about Wave 5. It appears Nintendo will split this set of amiibo into two waves. The first releases in July and includes two amiibo, while the rest will appear in September. Thus far, we don’t have exact dates.

Naturally we’ll report everything, but for now, we have an amiibo Wave 5 preview of the figures we already know about. Hang on to your wallets, check Prima Games and make sure you also bookmark r/amiibo for every bit of news about these highly sought after toys.

Dark Pit (July 2015)

This is without a doubt a must have amiibo. The original Pit is one of the best figures Nintendo produced, and the character’s alter ego rivals his counterpart. Excellent pose and use of color. If he’s like Pit, don’t expect to see too many come July.

Palutena (July 2015)

The Goddess of Light made us laugh in Kid Icarus Uprising, and we can’t wait to add her amiibo to our collection. She’ll look great alongside Pit and Dark Pit.

Dr. Mario (September 2015)


Although Nintendo released four Mario amiibo, we’ll gladly line up for a fifth. The good doctor will receive one heck of a figure, complete with white lab coat and red and blue pill. It’s a wonderful looking amiibo for Super Smash Bros. fans, but longtime gamers will definitely have soft spots for this character, who first appeared in the classic 1990 NES title of the same name.

If prior Mario amiibo (gold aside) are anything to go by, you should have a good chance of finding Dr. Mario on release day.

Bowser Jr. (September 2015)

The dream of Nintendo releasing amiibo for all seven Koopalings may never become a reality, but at least we’ll have Bowser Jr. Bowser’s bratty kid is one of the coolest looking amiibo yet, while his tiny propeller ship brings back fond memories of Super Mario World on the SNES. 

Similar to Dr. Mario, we expect to see Bowser Jr. in large qualities.

Zero Suit Samus (September 2015)

To all amiibo fans, feast your eyes upon the equivalent of a unicorn, also known as Zero Suit Samus. While Power Suit Samus was readily available as part of Wave 1, we have a feeling this gorgeous figure will be in short supply, given the virtual drool all over the Internet. Amazing paint job, and we’ll gladly take four.  

Olimar (September 2015)

We fell in love with the original Pikmin on GameCube, which debuted all the way back in 2001.  Olimar’s been with us ever since, so we can’t resist his Super Smash Bros. amiibo, complete with red and blue Pikmin.

Ganondorf (September 2015)

Finally, we have The Legend of Zelda’s ultimate bad guy, the nefarious Ganondorf.  Up until this point none of the Zelda figures have been scarce, leading us to believe Link’s nemesis will be available for all who want him, but when it comes to amiibo, it’s tough predicting availability.

R.O.B. (September 2015)

Nintendo’s R.O.B. had a relatively brief life when the robot debuted alongside the NES in 1985, but this legacy character has a big following. This means we expect him to be in short supply. You may want to camp out for this one.

Duck Hunt (September 2015)

The classic NES game of the same name gets its own amiibo as part of the Smash lineup. The famous duo bring back fond memories playing with the gray and then orange NES Zapper, blasting ducks from the sky or growing increasingly angry when we missed them all and the dog popped up from the grass to laugh at us.

Mr. Game & Watch (September 2015)

Based on his 2D design, we knew Mr. Game & Watch would be unique, but Nintendo made this character even more interesting by allowing for multiple poses. We plan to keep him sealed regardless, but for those who open their amiibo, definitely cool.

Mii Fighters – Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner (September 2015)

Even the customizable Mii Fighters will make their way into the amiibo ranks. Tap these figures on the Wii U GamePad and you’ll be able to tweak their faces, accessories and costumes. There’s a good chance Nintendo will release them as a three pack, similar to what the company did with Splatoon in the U.S., but we’ll update as soon as we learn more.

Falco (Holiday 2015)

Star Fox hero Falco Lombardi will look awesome paired next to Fox McCloud, who debuted as part of amiibo Wave 1 last November. Unfortunately Nintendo has yet to reveal his release month, so for now, he will debut any time between September and end of December 2015.

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