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Is Amazon Prime Day Worth It?

by Bryan Dawson

As only the third annual Amazon Prime Day, it’s not surprising that people still have a lot of questions about the event. A lot of people have been asking, is Amazon Prime Day worth it. This article is here to cover the benefits and potential drawbacks so you can answer the question, is Amazon Prime Day worth it. While the sales on Amazon Prime Day are generally very good, there are some details that savvy shoppers should know before they can determine if Amazon Prime Day is worth it.

Amazon Prime Day Sales and Deals

Amazon Prime Day – The Good

Deals in Advance

One of the biggest concerns about big online shopping days is how to find out what’s on sale ahead of time. You don’t need dig through multiple apps and websites to find out what’s coming in advance of Amazon Prime Day. Instead, all you have to do is download the free Amazon App and you can find out all of the Amazon Prime Day deals a full 24 hours in advance. Keep in mind, Amazon Prime Day actually lasts 30 hours, so you’ll need to check the app a couple of times to see all of the deals.

Cash Back on Purchases

While a lot of consumers already have a credit card that gives them cash back or some sort of rewards program, the Amazon Prime Store Card allows Prime members to get five percent back on all purchases, in addition to various financing offers. If you’re not into picking up a new credit card, you can still get two percent back in rewards if you reload an gift card using a checking account with a linked debit card (which most people should already have if they’re shopping on Amazon).

Finally, if you have a charity you want to support, you can shop at and a percentage of eligible purchases will go toward a charity of your choice with no additional fees. It’s a great way to help support those in need while getting discounts on Amazon products at the same time.

Amazon Prime Day – The Bad

Overnight Deals

Amazon Prime Day starts at 6pm PT and runs for 30 hours. For most people in the US, especially those on the east coast, that means you need to stay up very late on what’s likely a work day. If you want to get in on all of the deals, you’ll need to be awake for 30 hours or have some other way to purchase items when they go on sale during that 30-hour period.

Frequent Deals

You might think that having a lot of deals is a good thing, but in addition to running throughout the night, Amazon Prime Day deals can happen as often as every five minutes. Since Prime Day starts on Monday, July 10 at 6pm PT, a lot of consumers won’t be able to stay up all night clicking on Amazon deals every five minutes. If you miss a deal you can join a waiting list, but the chances of a restock within the 30-hour period isn’t very high in most cases.

Be sure to check out the early deals for Amazon Prime Day to find out what you need to prepare your wallet for!

Bryan Dawson

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