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Official art of Hatsune Miku as a Pokémon Trainer.
Image via Project VOLTAGE Official Twitter

All Project Voltage Hatsune Miku Pokémon Trainer Designs Ranked

As a master of all 18 types, the (Pokémon) world is Miku's.

Pokémon and Vocaloid are two prominent and long-standing media franchises that have shockingly not had a crossover until now. Project VOLTAGE is an official collaboration between Vocaloid’s iconic digital character and voice synthesizer Hatsune Miku and the Pokémon franchise. In addition to musical collaborations, Project VOLTAGE brought with it 18 different Miku designs, one for each Pokémon type. Which ones are the best, like no Hatsune Miku Pokémon Trainer ever was? Read on for our ranking.

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All Project Voltage Hatsune Miku Pokémon Trainer Designs Ranked

18: Hatsune Miku as a Poison-type Pokémon Trainer

The Poison-type specialist Hatsune Miku has a lot going on, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not a fantastic thing, either. Her gooey pigtails are a great design choice, and her use of so many bright colors just scream “poison.” Toxtricity is also a fantastic choice of partner Pokémon, as one that’s not only poisonous but also dripping with musicality. There are also a lot of small but great details that go into this Trainer design, including Miku’s sticky shoes requiring her to wrap them up in a clear wrap. 

What keeps this design at the bottom of this list is design overload. Even if it’s intentional, a lot is going on to keep track of here. Still, this is by no means a bad design, just a loud one. For the Poison-type Trainer Miku to be 18th out of 18 is a testament to how strong all the designs in the Project VOLTAGE collection are.

17: Hatsune Miku as a Fire-type Pokémon Trainer

Hatsune Miku does well as a Fire-type Pokémon Trainer. Her wild hair, shaped like Skeledirge’s flames, and oversized jacket fit the fiery vibe well. Especially clever are the patterns on the jacket’s sleeves, reminiscent of Skeledirge’s scales. Miku’s socks also make quite the statement, cut into pieces as they are. This design is bold yet still cute and is really only held back by how tame it feels when beside a very loud Fire-type like Skeledirge.

16: Hatsune Miku as an Ice-type Pokémon Trainer

Hatsune Miku’s Ice-type Pokémon Trainer design is a great example of how shapes can really sell an idea. This design takes some of its cues from Miku’s classic appearance, with new icy and angular elements to align with her new type proficiency.

Her ice-covered stilettos are some of the best shoes in the entire Project VOLTAGE line. The choice of slacks over her usual skirt gives Miku a business-like look, which matches wonderfully with her stylish jacket and the tech shown in the concept art. And you definitely can’t go wrong with ice-like pigtails and a Lapras. This is definitely a lovely look—the only thing stopping this design from ranking any higher is just how strong every other design in the lineup is.

15: Hatsune Miku as a Fairy-type Pokémon Trainer

“Hatsune Miku” and “cute:” name a more iconic duo. Right off the bat, Jigglypuff is one of the best partner Pokémon Miku could have, regardless of her type specialty. As a Fairy-type Trainer, Miku’s design hits all the right notes for adorable: her poofy, pink and blue hair screams whimsical. The sailor uniform-esque clothes are baggy in just the right places to create a quirky silhouette that feels rooted in the concept of “kawaii.” 

And then there are the accessories: the Poké Ball and Clefairy-shaped Poké Doll charms on her bag are already cute enough, but they’re not even the best charms she has. In the concept art for this design, you can clearly see that Miku has a heart-shaped Poké Walker. Where can I buy one? No, where I can buy 10? Also, Miku’s bag is a pillow—that’s already great enough, but it has Gen 1-style sprites on it, too, adding to its cuteness. It’s a crime that this Miku’s accessories haven’t been made into real merchandise yet.

14: Hatsune Miku as a Normal-type Pokémon Trainer

Hatsune Miku’s Normal-type Trainer design definitely ran the risk of being too same-y compared to her usual attire, but it turned out to be an unexpected and fun, quirky look. There are just enough splashes of color on Miku’s pants, gloves, and hair to match her chatty partner Chatot, without feeling too overwhelming. Her cute multi-colored Poké Ball rings and magenta and green hair strands add some subtle asymmetry to the design, and her baggy shirt and big shoes give the look a unique silhouette. And those glasses? They’re one of the most fun accessories in the entire Project VOLTAGE collection of Miku designs.

13: Hatsune Miku as an Electric-type Pokémon Trainer

Hatsune Miku’s Electric-themed look is very cute and unique. There’s a kind of “electrician-meets-showbiz” vibe going on here, and it feels like an idea that could become the center of an entire storyline all its own. The supplemental art shows Miku with an entire team of Pokémon, both Electric and not—the tap-dancing Ice and Psychic Mr. Rime is likely a backup performer—which adds to the depth of this concept. The design is clearly Miku, but with a particular charm that can only come from the unique intersection of the big stage and Electric-type Pokémon.

12: Hatsune Miku as a Fighting-type Pokémon Trainer

If you read the 15th spot and thought, “a more iconic duo would be ‘Hatsune Miku’ and ‘leeks,’” you’d be absolutely right. Hatsune Miku’s Fighting-type Pokémon Trainer design puts a stylish and athletic spin on a uniform-style coat. Her hair being shaped like a leek is a great visual choice, and it looks surprisingly believable. Miku also wields a leek sword to match Sirfetch’d’s, an adorable detail until you realize it’s probably a fearsome weapon in this Miku’s hands. The additional details revealed in the concept art only add to this design’s appeal, including a sleek emblem on the back of her jacket and a snazzy cap. This Miku could definitely star in a series of her own, going on adventures with her team of leek-bearing ducks.

11: Hatsune Miku as a Ghost-type Pokémon Trainer

If a design ain’t broke, there’s no need to fix it. Hatsune Miku as a Ghost-type Trainer—and perhaps even a ghost herself—is a great example of this concept in action. This is by far the design most closely resembling Miku’s original attire, but the subtle changes made to match her new ghostly specialty are what allows it to stand on its own. 

Her disheveled bangs cover her face, which is always a strong way to make any character a lot spookier. Miku’s tie now flows with spiritual energy, as does her hair ties. Her skirt has many details that enhance her ghostly design, from the slight transparency to the white energy-like design at the bottom. Miku’s shirt rests on top of this skirt, with a cut that looks like a ghost’s tail. Like in her classic look, Miku’s sleeves aren’t connected to her shirt, but they’re especially baggy at the bottom to completely cover her hands, adding to her haunted appearance. One of the most interesting design elements, however, is the bits of “noise” on Miku’s arms, legs, and hair. It cleverly plays with the concept of Miku’s digital nature and how something electronic could become a ghost at all.

10: Hatsune Miku as a Rock-type Pokémon Trainer

Who doesn’t love a pretty princess design? Hatsune Miku as a Rock-type Trainer dons a beautiful dress and wields a fancy scepter alongside her elegant partner Pokémon Aurorus. This design has a lot of additional concept art to go with it, including a look at Miku’s bodysuit and lovely heels beneath her gown. 

The only thing keeping this gorgeous design from ranking any higher is how difficult it is to associate specifically with the Rock type. While the tops of Miku’s boots have a rock-like appearance, they’re normally covered away by her enormous gown. The other stones on her design, and the gown itself, are colored predominantly with icy blues, making them feel more like ice than rocks. This is likely due to Aurorus being partially Ice-type itself. 

This Miku definitely feels more attuned to match Aurorus specifically rather than the Rock typing in general, as indicated by the yellows on Miku’s dress, which match Aurorus’s sails. Still, while it definitely feels like there could have been a smidge more “rock” in this Rock Trainer’s design, this is undoubtedly one of the loveliest looks in the entire Project VOLTAGE collection.

9: Hatsune Miku as a Water-type Pokémon Trainer

Hatsune Miku certainly has the Water-type Pokémon Trainer look down pat: her cute swimsuit has an adorable piano key pattern across the top, maintaining a fitting musical motif. The blue Poké Beach Ball—not quite a Dive Ball, but cute nonetheless—ties her directly into the world of Pokémon, as does her partner Pokémon Primarina, with its Liquid Voice Ability and Oceanic Operetta Z-Move. 

Miku’s hair is also especially cute in this design. It has a watery appearance and is tied together at the ends, combining a clever idea with a fun style choice. She also has subtle tan lines on her legs and arms, differentiating where her socks and sleeves would normally cover while in her typical attire. Because of this little detail, the design works as both a Water Pokémon Trainer and as Miku’s standard swimwear.

8: Hatsune Miku as a Bug-type Pokémon Trainer

Hatsune Miku’s Bug-type Trainer design may look overly simple at first glance, but there are a lot of fantastic details that elevate it beyond a dress and beret. Instead of Miku’s usual flowing pigtails, they’re now tightened to match her Kricketune’s antennae. The subtle “01” on her tie and music staff-like pattern on the bottom of her dress give her otherwise simplistic attire appropriate pops of details. The fabric with beautiful butterfly wing patterns is already striking, but the concept art reveals an additional fun feature: the fabrics are attached to the back of Miku’s dress with a clip that bears a Poké Ball design. All these lovely characteristics are brought together by a subdued color palette that really lets the occasional bright blue lines on Miku’s joints—and the butterfly wing patterns—pop. This Bug-inspired look is nothing short of charming, even if it isn’t as loud as a Kricketune’s impactful cry.

7: Hatsune Miku as a Ground-type Pokémon Trainer

Sometimes, a design just works. Hatsune Miku’s appearance as a Ground-type Pokémon Trainer is one such design. The wonderful use of earthy colors along with the desert-ready outfit, complete with cape and knapsack, make for a look that easily conveys the type it’s meant for. The best part of the design, however, is arguably in the concept art. Scenes of desert rescues and ruin discoveries with Flygon tell a compelling story of two characters I’d love to see more of.

6: Hatsune Miku as a Steel-type Pokémon Trainer

It may be a bit tricky to discern the type this particular Hatsune Miku design is meant for at first glance, but her Steel-type Trainer look is still a great one. The emphasis on blues can bring to mind cool-to-the-touch metals, especially considering her hat would otherwise be a warmer shade of yellow. The entire Japanese-inspired ensemble matches her partner Pokémon Jirachi very appropriately, especially the colorful wish tags plastered on her hat and hair, and even tucked away into her clothes. The bamboo Poké Flute is also a nice touch and a reminder that bamboo can actually be stronger than steel. This may feel like another design made more for one specific Pokémon rather than an entire type, but its implementation of clever details is nothing short of fantastic.

5: Hatsune Miku as a Grass-type Pokémon Trainer

If you had to pick one word to describe Hatsune Miku’s Grass-type Trainer design, it would definitely be “clever.” Instead of just being a drummer like her partner Pokémon Rillaboom, she dons a cute cheerleader outfit with all the right details. From the leaves and music-themed accessories in her hair to the Rillaboom-themed drumsticks and leaves logo on her clothes, the Grass-type Trainer Miku isn’t the most complex design in the Project VOLTAGE lineup, but there’s no denying that it just works.

4: Hatsune Miku as a Flying-type Pokémon Trainer

As a Flying-type Pokémon Trainer, Hatsune Miku exudes soft and airy. Her hair feels as billowy and cloudy as her pillowy socks and delicate sleeves. The whites and light blue grays of her color scheme are accentuated by her bright blue glove and tie, as well as a few petal-shaped spots of yellow on her outfit. It effectively captures the feeling of an invisible wind carrying visible objects along. This Flying-type design as a whole works wonders: it’s an adorable, elegant design that isn’t too simple but also not too complex and perfectly conveys the type it’s associated with.

3: Hatsune Miku as a Psychic-type Pokémon Trainer

The entire line of Hatsune Miku as different type-specializing Pokémon Trainers started off strong with the reveal of her Psychic-type design. The apparel looks a bit on the simple side at first glance, but it’s full of adorable details that elevate it above the basics. The nostalgic 8-bit Pokémon sprite stickers on Miku’s bag are accompanied by an Unown M design for “Miku,” as well as some designs that are more specific to her Psychic-type speciality, including a Twisted Spoon item and the lips of an oft-forgotten Psychic Pokémon, Bruxish. Miku also has some charms on the side of her bag, including a miniaturized version of the blue tie that’s present in her iconic original design. The ribbon in Miku’s hair is reminiscent of her Pokémon Meloetta’s headpiece, and the lines on her hat match those in Meloetta’s hair. Speaking of which, the iconic songstress Meloetta is the single most perfect Pokémon to be Hatsune Miku’s ally. 

Miku’s psychic ability to levitate Poké Balls may not seem like the most obvious implementation of her type specialty, but it’s not like the Pokémon series hasn’t had “average people with psychic abilities” before. Sabrina in HeartGold and SoulSilver, Tate and Liza in Ruby and Sapphire, Lucian in Diamond and Pearl, and even Tulip in Scarlet and Violet are all examples of Psychic-type Trainers who have appearances that wouldn’t imply the existence of psychic powers at first glance. What this Miku design lacks in over-the-top declarations of psychic abilities, it more than makes up for with a design that still feels fitting for the type and perfectly matches with her perfect partner Pokémon.

2: Hatsune Miku as a Dark-type Pokémon Trainer

Hatsune Miku’s Dark-type Trainer design was an instant fan-favorite when it was revealed, and it’s easy to see why. If you had to use only one word to describe this look, it would no doubt be “stunning.” Miku’s splendid dress, featuring a subtle Poké Ball design, is accompanied by a jaw-dropping wide-brimmed hat with a stylish bow and Luxury Ball. Her elegant parasol is already a phenomenal accessory on its own, but the addition of the microphone on the end transforms it into a perfect piece for Miku’s ensemble. Subtle additions, such as Miku’s earrings and rings, solidify the design’s mature vibe.

What is especially striking in this design are Miku’s asymmetrical pigtails, which feel both classy and fierce. This top-tier design is brought together by its lovely color scheme: blacks and grays perfectly fit Miku’s Dark-type theme and match her partner Pokémon Obstagoon. There are suitably small splashes of dark teal at the ends of her pigtails and on her shoes, however, which harken back to Miku’s classic design. Regarding style, it’s hard to get any better than Miku’s Dark-type ensemble.

1: Hatsune Miku as a Dragon-type Pokémon Trainer

Project VOLTAGE really saved the best for last with the Dragon-type Trainer Hatsune Miku. This design practically roars “Dragon Master” from the pit of its essence. Miku’s sleek bodysuit has just enough scale patterning on the top and inner pants to stay stylish while also matching her type specialty. Spiky gloves and boots add to the look without going overboard. This style alone feels like a perfect fit in the world of Pokémon, where Trainers like Clair and Lance and generic Trainers like Dragon Tamers already dress in similarly themed costumes. 

Miku’s Dragon Trainer design continues to impress with its accessories and other details. Her spectacular hair is split into teal and white. The spikes on the teal side give her pigtails the appearance of a dragon’s spine and belly or even a dragon tail. Miku’s headphones with horns look fantastic beside her hair piece shaped like dragon talons, and her microphone is brilliantly part of a sword. It even has its own sheath for when it isn’t in use—talk about staying practical! 

Miku’s final accessory, her cape, draws from her partner Pokémon Miraidon’s colors, which already match nicely with the rest of her outfit’s color scheme. While Miraidon is a wonderful Pokémon choice for the “first sound of the future” Volcaloid, there are plenty of other sound-focused Dragon-type Pokémon that could easily be Miku’s ally, such as Noivern and Kommo-o. A simple cape switch is all it would take for this Miku to pair up with any other Dragon-type Pokémon. 

Hatsune Miku’s Dragon-type Trainer design is by far the best from Project VOLTAGE. It’s a perfect match for Miraidon while also working phenomenally for the Dragon type as a whole. It also wouldn’t be out of place in the world of Pokémon. I certainly wouldn’t complain if Dragon Master Hatsune Miku appeared in a Pokémon game of her own—or if more Vocaloids got their own Pokémon Trainer designs.

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