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All Game Trailers Shown During Devolver MaxPass+

by Morgan Shaver

Devolver aired their E3 2021 showcase today, dubbed Devolver MaxPass+. While the show offered all of the fun, chaos, and platters piled high with chili dogs that you’d expect from Devolver, a few stellar game trailers were also shown.

If you’re looking to catch up on the games themselves, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve embedded all of the trailers shown during Devolver MaxPass+!

All Game Trailers Shown During Devolver MaxPass+

Shadow Warrior 3

The first trailer we were treated to during Devolver’s MaxPass+ showcase was for Shadow Warrior 3. The trailer primarily focuses on gameplay, though it also shows off some crazy monster designs.

While we haven’t been given an exact release date for Shadow Warrior 3, the release window remains set for 2021 so hopefully we’ll hear about an official date sometime soon!

On Steam, the official description for Shadow Warrior 3 provides the following information about the game:

“Fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla embark on an improbable mission to recapture an ancient dragon they unwillingly unleashed from its eternal prison.

Armed with a punishing mix of blades and bullets, Lo Wang must traverse uncharted parts of the world to track down the dark beast and push the apocalypse back yet again.

All it will take is the mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, a touch of magic, and enough firepower to hold off the impending cataclysm.”

Shadow Warrior 3 is currently being developed by Flying Wild Hog. Upon release, Shadow Warrior 3 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (wishlist the game on Steam).

For updates on Shadow Warrior 3, be sure to follow Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital on Twitter!

Trek To Yomi

The next trailer shown was for Trek To Yomi which is being developed by Leonard Menchiari and Flying Wild Hog. The game has a real vibe to it, and at first it reminded of Ghost of Tsushima a little bit (when playing in the game’s black and white mode).

Currently, there’s a lot we still don’t know about Trek To Yomi, though the description on the game’s Steam page does provide some additional context to the action shown during the trailer.

“As a vow to his dying Master, the young swordsman Hiroki is sworn to protect his town and the people he loves against all threats. Faced with tragedy and bound to duty, the lone samurai must voyage beyond life and death to confront himself and decide his path forward.

    • Cinematic Presentation: Breathtaking camera angles and striking visuals in the spirit of classic samurai film create a true cinematic experience in Trek to Yomi.
    • Stylish Combat: Engage vicious swordsmen and supernatural beings with a streamlined combat system based around the traditional weapons of the samurai.
    • Mythic Storytelling: Experience an enthralling story of Hiroki during his fall against the forces of evil and heroic return to make good on his failed promise to save the people he swore to protect.
    • Thrilling Soundtrack: The thrilling action and somber moments are set against a memorable score designed to feel authentic to the time and place of feudal Japan.”

Trek To Yomi is projected to release sometime in 2022. Once it’s released, it’ll be available on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and PC (wishlist the game on Steam). For updates on Trek To Yomi, be sure to follow Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital on Twitter!

Phantom Abyss

Looking to add a little adventure to your life with a sprinkle of danger on top? Look no further than Phantom Abyss! Right off the bat, Phantom Abyss looks like an extremely interesting game with an equally interesting premise.

In Phantom Abyss, you’ll attempt to clear procedurally generated temples Indiana Jones style, avoiding booby traps and other environmental hazards. Oh, and adding to the Indiana Jones vibe, you get a whip to help you traverse through these procedurally generated temples because of course you do.

On Steam, Phantom Abyss is described as follows:

“Phantom Abyss is a massive asynchronous multiplayer game that casts players into procedurally-generated temples and tasks them with retrieving the sacred relics hidden within deadly chambers.

Intrepid adventurers will dodge scores of hidden traps, leap treacherous chasms, and flee relentless guardians through branching paths until one of the relics are claimed or the devices of death overwhelm them.

Be warned, you only get one attempt at each temple and failure or settling for a lesser relic means you will never see that temple again…

The cleverest players will use the phantom runs of failed attempts from other players to their advantage and avoid the missteps and mistakes that led to their doom. Once the legendary relic at the bottom of each temple is found, the temple goes away forever and becomes the priceless trophy of the skilled adventurer.”

Unlike some of the other games on this list, Phantom Abyss does have a release date of June 22. On its release day of June 22, Phantom Abyss will be available via Steam Early Access.

With this in mind, you’ll want to head over to Steam and add Phantom Abyss to your wishlist if you haven’t done so already. And for updates, also be sure to follow The Phantom Abyss and Devolver Digital on Twitter!

Wizard with a Gun

If the name isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, the art direction of the game’s trailer certainly will. Described as an online co-op sandbox survival game, players will need to work with other players (or they can go it alone) to do things like outfit their wizard with badass weaponry and build a nice little base camp.

It looks like a ton of fun, and seriously, the art design in Wizard with a Gun is fan-effing-tastic. For more on Wizard with a Gun, here’s a brief excerpt from the game’s Steam page:

“Wizard with a Gun is an online cooperative sandbox survival game set in a magical wilderness wrought with dangerous creatures and arcane mysteries. Embark on a journey alone or with friends to collect, craft, and outfit your wizard however you see fit as you explore the unknown.

Carefully design weapons, bullets, and furnishings for your tower home but try not to burn it all down as the magic you wield escalates beyond your control…”

As of right now, Wizard with a Gun is expected to release sometime in 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC (wishlist on Steam). For updates on Wizard with a Gun, be sure to follow developer Galvanic Games and publisher Devolver Digital on Twitter!

Death’s Door

We’ve seen Death’s Door from developer Acid Nerve before. In fact, immediately after seeing it, the game became one of our most anticipated games of 2021. We’re not kidding, it looks awesome!

For those who might be wondering why Death’s Door is being shown in a showcase once more, it’s because the game now has an official release date, and it’s releasing pretty darn soon. As in “next month” soon!

If this is your first time seeing Death’s Door and you’re wondering what this game is all about, here’s a little blurb from the game’s Steam page to get you caught up…

“Reaping souls of the dead and punching a clock might get monotonous but it’s honest work for a Crow. The job gets lively when your assigned soul is stolen and you must track down a desperate thief to a realm untouched by death – where creatures grow far past their expiry and overflow with greed and power.

    • Talon Sharp Combat: Utilize melee weapons, arrows and magic to overcome a fantastic array of beasts and demigods. Mistakes are punished and victory is rewarded. Gain an edge by customizing your character stats and mastering the abilities and upgrades you obtain.
    • A Beautifully Bleak World: Venture beyond the Doors and explore a land full of twisted inhabitants and countless secrets, bringing hope to the weird and wonderful characters you’ll meet along the way.
    • A Dark Mystery to Unravel: Track down and defeat colossal tyrants with stories and motivations of their own. Experience a somber yet darkly comedic tale, uncovering the truths behind the flow of souls, the role of the Crows and the origin of the Doors.”

According to the new trailer, Death’s Door will be available starting July 20. Upon release, Death’s Door will be playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC (wishlist on Steam). For updates on Death’s Door, be sure to follow Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital on Twitter!


Do you like horror? Do you like card and board games? You’re in luck, because you’ll probably love Inscryption! When the trailer for this game came on during Devolver’s showcase, it was hard to not try and guess what the game is and where it’s going with its premise.

Every second of the trailer we watched though, we were fully on board. The game looks awesome, and it looks like it has a lot going on with it from a card game to an escape room to everything in between.

To help describe what it is a little better, here’s some information about Inscryption courtesy of the game’s Steam page!

“From the creator of Pony Island and The Hex comes the latest mind melting, self-destructing love letter to video games.

Inscryption is an inky black card-based odyssey that blends the deckbuilding roguelike, escape-room style puzzles, and psychological horror into a blood-laced smoothie. Darker still are the secrets inscrybed upon the cards…

In Inscryption you will…

    • Acquire a deck of woodland creature cards by draft, surgery, and self mutilation.
    • Unlock the secrets lurking behind the walls of Leshy’s cabin.
    • Embark on an unexpected and deeply disturbing odyssey.”

Inscryption sounds seriously cool, and we really want to play it for ourselves as soon as it’s released. Speaking of which, the game doesn’t have an official release date just yet sadly. Instead, it’s projected to release sometime later this year in 2021.

For updates on the release of Inscryption, add the game to your Steam wishlist, and be sure to follow developer Daniel Mullins and publisher Devolver Digital on Twitter.

Devolver Tumble Time

What would an E3 showcase be without a cheesy mobile game reveal? Given Devolver’s skill at poking fun at the gaming industry, the game feels a bit like a joke. However, it does seem to be real and you can even pre-register for it right now on the game’s official website.

Devovler Tumble Time will reportedly be available for free on both the App Store and Google Play. In the description of the trailer for Devolver Tumble Time, the game is described as follows:

“Devolver Tumble Time is the future of physics-based puzzle gameplay, elegant monetization, and strategic brand integration. Choose characters from a packed roster of your favorite Devolver Digital games and rack up big points matching and clearing their impossibly adorable heads from the tumbler.

Get hyped enough and unleash each character’s special ability to clear huge chunks and earn power-ups to create chaotic chain reactions. Then maybe watch some entertaining ads.

Earn and unlock new characters, compete in daily challenges, and buy stuff. Buying stuff is so great. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for new character drops from your favorite Devolver Digital games and maybe even from ones you’ve never heard of in your life.”

The description has some of that classic Devolver humor in there as well, which we love. But yeah, if the game’s Ed, Edd n Eddy style trailer caught your eye, you can pre-register for Devolver Tumble Time now.

And of course, for updates on the release of Devolver Tumble Time later this year (a release date has yet to be provided) be sure to follow Devolver Digital on Twitter!

Demon Throttle

Last, but certainly not least, we arrive at Demon Throttle from Gato Roboto developer doinksoft. Again, we get a little of Devolver’s signature industry humor with this one as Demon Throttle is only getting a physical release via Special Reserve apparently.

You can pre-order the game right now for Nintendo Switch with two versions on offer: Switch Single, Switch Reserve. The Switch Single version of Demon Throttle is priced at $29.99 while the Switch Reserve version can be purchased for $39.99.

As for what Demon Throttle is, that’s a little harder to describe. On the Special Reserve page for Demon Throttle, the game is described as follows:

“DEMON THROTTLE is an explosive, demon-throttling, top-down shooter by Doinksoft, the makers of GATO ROBOTO, TOMBSHAFT, and DEVOLVER BOOTLEG. After a demon messes with your wife, it’s revenge time!”

Whatever it is, we’re in (with a pre-order of the Switch release of course). An official release date for Demon Throttle wasn’t provided, but the release window does mention the game will release in 2022.

For more on Demon Throttle, be sure to follow doinksoft and Devolver Digital on Twitter!

All in all, Devolver’s show was a wickedly good time from its humor and the return of Nina Struthers, to the game trailers that were shown. Even better, Devolver has merch available for MaxPass+ which did include an NFT reference VHS tape for $1,000 that someone has already snatched up.

Shirts and accessories are still available including a Demon Throttle shirt with the iconic phrase, “That demon kissed my wife!” on it. We won’t lie, we’re seriously debating buying one of those shirts.

If you want to buy one as well, head over to and be sure to check back with us here at Prima Games as we cover all of the big news coming out of E3 2021!

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