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5 Videos That Will Make You Buy DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

DayZ is not a game impatient players will enjoy. There’s a lot of running, scavenging and waiting around for someone to shoot. You can play the game for hours and never see another player, or find that pristine Riders Jacket that makes you look like a proper 80s greaser.

What DayZ is, however, is a game where you can make up your own objectives, then spend countless hours seeking adventure with your friends. It’s a game that gives you the playground and lets your imagination do the rest. In other words, it’s brilliant.

Like many players, long before we began playing DayZ we were watching it on YouTube. Starting with Frankie on PC and The Rad Brad, then moving on to the legendary Mr. Blackout and his killer companions Jam Jar and KD Wolf, we rode shotgun for many DayZ shenanigans prior to participating in some of our own.

It’s this experience that inspired this list. If we were able to watch some videos and fall in love with a game, maybe you can as well, or maybe you’re already a resident of Chernarus and just want to see some cool videos. Either way, the following five are the best DayZ has to offer, at least in our opinion.

5. Get Pumped by Jam Jar

For the most part, we dislike bandits and their crazy bandit activities, but this one is just too good to get angry about. In fact, if we were the two unlucky fools who ended up on the wrong side of this barbecue, we’re not even sure we’d be mad. Opportunities like this don’t come around every day, so just like Jam Jar, you better take it while you have the chance.

4. Never Give Up by ChalkOne

We were lucky enough to watch these events unfold live on Twitch, and this video has already been featured on Prima Games to teach people How to Fix a Broken Leg, but the pure hilarity of it makes it a prime candidate for our list. It’s an example of how even the best intentions can end up going horribly wrong, and why you should never give up in DayZ.

3. Grenade Fail – Director’s Cut by Mr. Blackout

He may not have the most followers on Twitch or the most subscribers on YouTube, but few could argue that Mr. Blackout is the most loved of all the DayZ players. He kills bandits, rescues fresh spawns and goes on some of the most incredible adventures that DayZ has ever seen. It also doesn’t hurt that his knack for editing gives his content that cinematic quality most YouTube videos lack. His first entry in our top five (spoiler alert… it won’t be his last) will hit you right in the feels. It has bandit killing, comedy, story-telling and even a touching tribute at the Severograd war memorial. If you’re looking for a reason to buy DayZ, this video will give you about five.

2. The Six Less Fortunate by KD Wolf

In a pond that is home to some pretty big fish, KD Wolf is starting to make a name for himself. He takes the time to interact with his viewers, and he’s part of a team (Mr. Blackout and Jam Jar) that spend a lot of their DayZ lives killing hackers and bandits. In this video, KD takes out six bandits in Berezino, at least one of which had a hacked M4A1 magazine. Although we try to avoid that city at all costs, it’s nice to know that cool, down to earth folks like KD are out there providing a little balance in the zombie apocalypse.

1. Bandits Galore – Blackout’s Diary by Mr. Blackout

We told you he’d make more than one appearance, and here he is with the number one spot on our list. This video is one of the most intense DayZ videos you’ll ever watch, and as much as that has to do with the action, a lot of the credit needs to be given to Mr. Blackout for his masterful editing. In this episode of his diary (watch from about the 15-minute mark for the best stuff), Mr. B and his crew are outnumbered, outgunned and very vulnerable. With bullets flying and his buddies dropping all around him, Mr. Blackout makes his final stand in a narrow stairwell.

That’s it for our five favorite DayZ videos. While there are a thousand more we could put on the list, we decided to go with the ones that inspired us to play the game, and continue to influence our play style each and every time we log on. If there’s a DayZ video that you think we should highlight for our readers, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

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