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5 Things We Can’t Wait to See in WWE 2K17

by Prima Games Staff

Even though it’s still months away from release, 2K Games’ WWE 2K17 is still generating a lot of excitement, thanks to some key new additions to the franchise. Here are five things we can’t wait to see in this year’s grapplefest!

A More Advanced MyCareer Mode

One thing players enjoy doing in the WWE games is creating their own wrestler from scratch. From working their way through the development league (in this case, NXT) to concluding their career with a trip to the Hall of Fame, there are many things that can be done over the course of a career. Previous games in the series did this well, but WWE 2K17 should be better than ever before, with more involvement from the NXT league (including various superstars) and creating rivalries with a variety of superstars, from John Cena to Brock Lesnar. The possibilities will continue to be endless with this mode – as well as the weird superstars you can design from it. 

Creating a More Polished Wrestler and Theme

We already know that the WWE series has become well known for being able to create a superstar and everything around them, from their entrance to their wrestling style to their finishing move. Thankfully, it looks like the developers are continuing to push this with WWE 2K17, with a number of new options entering the fray.

Although the team hasn’t revealed all of the features just yet (they’re likely to do so once Summerslam rolls around next month), we’re confident that the game will give you options galore, from creating your own pay-per-view specials to building an arena with the same respectable level – or even better – than the old-school ECW Arena.

We’ll see what the future holds, but based on previous releases, WWE 2K17 will give players a lot of creative control.

WWE 2K17’s Expanded Roster

While WWE 2K16 has a healthy roster of older and newer superstars to choose from, there were some faces missing from the fray, including WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Bayley. However, it appears that 2K made WWE 2K17’s roster even bigger than ever before. Not only are the ladies back (along with newcomer Nia Jax, who’s making an impact in her own right), but more NXT superstars are being included, such as Apollo Crews (who recently jumped onto WWE’s main roster) and Japan wrestling sensation Shinsuke Nakamura, who’s taking a big part in the game’s advertising. The publisher has also confirmed the addition of even more wrestlers via DLC packs, so, yep, we’re psyched. The gang’s all here.

WWE 2K17 NXT Themed Collector’s Edition

Every year, the WWE games always seem to have an idealistic collector’s edition on hand, loaded with goodies (like previous versions themed around wrestlers like The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan). However, this year, 2K Games is focusing more on a whole division – NXT – to get fans excited. The pack will include access to popular wrestlers like Nia Jax, Crews and Nakamura early, along with a special lithograph designed by Rob Schamberger and signed by Nakamura, an 8-inch collectible Finn Balor figurine, trading cards and an actual piece of the wrestling mat from the NXT Takeover Brooklyn event that happened last year. You’ll also get a boost in points by 50 percent for NXT through MyCareer Mode – and you can’t teach that (as Enzo Amore would put it).

Dream Match-Ups

Last but certainly not least, WWE 2K17 will once again provide the opportunity for players to set up their dream matches – matches they wish would happen in the WWE, but haven’t yet for some reason. Or maybe they just want to relive ones that happened in the past, like the recent skirmish between Balor and Nakamura. With this game, you can mix up WWE and NXT talent alike, so you can see John Cena take on The Undertaker, Bayley go toe-to-toe with Sasha Banks again, or Goldberg from the old WCW days (he’s a pre-order bonus for the game) mix it up with Brock Lesnar once more – or maybe even the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Whatever the case, there are a lot of matches you can set up – and with Create-a-Wrestler, you can go even crazier with options in WWE 2K17. Maybe recreate Brother Love and have him take on the Ultimate Warrior…just for kicks.

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