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5 Things Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs

by Juno Stump

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the very few highlights from its release year. Isabelle and Doom Marine took over the online conversation leading up to the release of both characters’ respective games, which were scheduled to release on the same day. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons provided a lot of needed relief and social interaction during a crucial time but things were slowing down too quickly by the end of the year. 

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was the last major title released for the series prior to New Horizons and it received several updates during its life that added new gameplay features and items. New Horizons has been updated as well but things have stalled.

It feels like Nintendo is slowing down before the release of a new Animal Crossing title, which is concerning since everyone had to wait seven years for a new game the last time. 

New Horizons remains a great game but it needs new content if Nintendo wants to keep it alive and vibing. These are five things Animal Crossing: New Horizons needs in future updates. 

5 Things Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs

1. Gyroids need to return to the series in a bigger way

New Horizons technically has gyroids in-game thanks to Lloid, who appears next to bridges and inclines when donations are needed for construction projects, but that’s it! They leave the day after a project is fully funded, only to return when the town needs money for another big project. 

Gyroids had a bigger part in previous titles, including the very first Animal Crossing.They’re cute and a little bit macabre. In the Japanese versions of Animal Crossing titles, Gyroids are called Haniwa, which are terracotta clay figures that were buried with the deceased in Japan around the sixth century. 

I used to love interacting with these lil guys in previous titles and I know I’m not alone. Lloid needs some pals. Let’s make it happen, Nintendo!

2. Crafting Recipes with Brewster

Brewster’s first appearance was in Animal Crossing: Wild World, which was released for the Nintendo DS, but he also appeared in a few other games, including Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Brewster runs the Roost, which is a cafe that can be added to your island as a Public Works Project.

The player character is eventually able to make coffee for other villagers, unlock gifts, and more. The crafting in New Horizons is good. Nintendo should add more and it should start with making coffee with Brewster at the Roost. 

3. Gracie Needs to Bring New Fashion and Furniture 

Gracie is a celebrity fashion designer that’s been missing since New Leaf. New Horizons needs more items for players to collect and that includes furniture and fashion. Nintendo should add Gracie to the game as a recurring timed event or as a permanent resident. 

4. Bring Us Resetti and Wipe Away the Debt

Resetti is famous for yelling at players for resetting their game without saving, which is either a mistake or used for “cheating.” Either way, he would like you to stop. 

His last major appearance was in New Leaf. According to Nintendo, Resetti was laid off from the Reset Surveillance Center due to the Nintendo Switch’s auto-save functionality. I understand letting Resetti retire but he deserves an island vacation!

5. Quality of Life Updates

There’s a lot to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and most of it takes too long. Nintendo is rarely the best company regarding user friendly options and customization but it shows the most in the Animal Crossing series. 

New Horizons received a nice photo mode and some great features (including swimming and diving!) but everything should work more smoothly. 

Players should be able to skip text whenever. Tutorials shouldn’t play every single time, like when you fly to another player’s island. Nook Miles are neat but they don’t need to be explained every single time. 

I’d also like to be able to craft more than one item at a time. Things aren’t looking so good for the planet so it would be nice if crafting and traveling didn’t take forever. I love New Horizons, I just wanna have more fun when I’m playing on this island in the sun.

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