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5 Easy Challenges to Rank up Fast in Titanfall

by Prima Games Staff

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as popping in that brand new disc and firing up a game for the first time. There’s also nothing quite as intimidating (in the world of video games) as joining a public lobby full of high-ranking players, only to have an over-matched number one next to your name. In Titanfall, it’s not too bad when you’re Regenerating, given that bump in XP earns and fancy new emblem at each level. Still, the grind to Level 50 can be overwhelming. With that in mind, here are five challenges you can complete to get a head start on the process.

If it Moves – R-101C – Kill 200 Enemies – 10,000 XP

When you’re sitting at Level 1, whether new to the game or fresh off regenerating, the R-101C is one of the only primary weapons you have available. Not only that, it’s a popular choice for all players of any rank, seen in almost every round played. If you want to get a big head start on the ranking up process, use this weapon and focus on every Grunt, Spectre and Pilot you see. While 200 kills may seem like a lot, at 25 AI enemies per game, this can be done in just over an hour of playing time.

Grenadier – Frag Grenade – Kill 150 Enemies – 10,000 XP

Here’s another easy challenge which features a weapon available at Level 1. The Frag Grenade doesn’t seem to be a favorite in the later ranks, but can still be utilized early in your journey to rank up quickly. Focus on pods of Grunts before they have time to scatter. One well-placed grenade and you’ll pick up at least three or four kills. Additionally, load out with the Explosives Pack Tier 1 Kit, giving you another Frag Grenade to terrorize the AI.

Titan Killer – Archer Heavy Rocket – Kill 10 Titans – 10,000 XP

This is quite simply one of the easiest ways to get 10,000 XP in Titanfall. The Archer Heavy Rocket will be available at Level 1, and is a powerful weapon to destroy Titans. Your best bet is to focus on opposing Titans engaged with friendly ones. Pay close attention to your enemies’ health, only firing as they near death. Sure, this tactic is dangerously close to stealing kills from your teammates, but give your puny rank, they’ll understand.  Not only will 10 kills snag you 10,000 XP, it will also unlock I Like a Challenge, if you haven’t already done so.

If it Moves – 40MM Cannon – Kill 200 Enemies – 10,000 XP

This is similar to the R-101C challenge we detailed above, except it’s completed while you pilot a Titan with a 40MM Cannon. Since the 40MM Cannon is the first weapon you get when starting out or regenerating, you’ll get a good head start, rather than focusing on challenges that aren’t unlocked for several more levels. Keep in mind that Pilots, Spectres and Grunts all count, so focus on game modes such as Attrition to speed up the process.

Conductor – Arc Grenade – Kill 100 Enemies – 10,000 XP

Although the Arc Grenade isn’t unlocked by default, it should be the second Ordnance you get access to as you progress. It should also be noted that Electrocutioner is another great challenge for using the Arc Grenades, giving you 10,000 XP for a mere 25 Pilot kills. Just like the Frag Grenade above, you might consider taking the Explosives Pack Tier 1 Kit to give yourself three. This will allow you to take out many Grunts at one time, or allow you to bombard lone Pilots for guaranteed kills.

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