5 Death Stranding Mods We Want to See

From Thomas the Tank Engine to Will from Hannibal, here are our picks we want to see with Death Stranding PC mods.

Death Stranding is now available on PC and while the mods aren’t here yet, we know they are on the way. While modders get busy on adding their own personal touches to the expansive world that Hideo Kojima created, we decided to lend some inspiration to the cause with the mods we want to see the most. That’s us here at Prima, we’re muses.

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Death Stranding PC Mods We Want to See

Thomas the Tank Engine

Come on, it wouldn’t be a PC mod if Thomas the Tank Engine wasn’t involved. Good ‘ol Tommy boy is a staple in modding. He’s been everywhere, including Tamriel with every release of Skyrim. Given that he’s basically the PC Race icon, why not throw him into the Apocolypse in Death Stranding? Plus, that face is a face designed to inspire terror in the hearts of many.

Will from Hannibal

With Hannibal season 4 in perpetual limbo and that finale for season 3, it would be super awesome to see Mister Will Graham as a reskin for the main protagonist. Even better since Mads Mikkelsen stars in Death Stranding and is the ‘bad guy’ of the show series. What better way to bring the two back together again than in a game that has zero to do with cannibals and the FBI?

While it’s not the same as a season 4, obviously, it would sooth the pains of this one fan’s heart and I hope I’m not alone in that.

Different Hair and Face Options for Main Character

This mod is a pretty standard move in most games. Everyone wants to experience games a little differently than someone else, so being able to customize the main character’s look beyond the cosmetics provided would be pretty cool. Rock those deliveries with a green mohawk? Check. Take to the open-world as Mr. T? Check. The sky is the limit – hell, you could even look like the sky if you modded hard enough.

Attack On Titan Season 1 Theme Song

OK, so hear us out. Imagine the opening song for Attack On Titan season 1 before every single confrontational encounter. Super serious cutscene ahead? Wir sind die Jaeger! Would this improve the experience in any major way? Well, no, but it’d sure be a lot cooler if they did.

Making the Main Character a Sandwich

Again, hear us out. The ‘make Jill a sandwich’ mod for Resident Evil 3 was incredible and while that was a joke referencing that franchise specifically, it made the game way too much fun to limit it just to that one universe. Slap some bread on that butt and we’re on a roll. Beep beep, delivery! It’s me, bread!

BONUS ROUND: Literally Anything Dragon Age

I don’t care what it is. Make the character look like Hawke from Dragon Age 2? Sure. Reskin the protagonist to look like Morrigan? Why not? Make every bad guy look like a giant egg like that bastard Solas? You betcha. I really don’t care about specifics on this one, I’m just a massive Dragon Age fan and the fourth game is taking forever. 

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So those are our picks. Pretty weird, not that helpful, but hey – what are you gonna do, you know? What other mods would you like to see Death Stranding on PC get? Shout ’em out loud and proud over on Twitter @Primagames, or you can tell me how stupid I am over on my personal account @DirtyEffinHippy. Be sure to also check out our game hub here for tips and tricks before diving in for yourself!

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