5 Cool Things to do After Beating Far Cry 4

Collect Masks of Yalung, hunt animals for crafting and kill bad guys with Signature Weapons.

Although it’s easily a 60-hour game, you can beat Far Cry 4’s story mode in roughly eight hours, and we’re being generous. That said, counting the minutes to hero Ajay Ghale’s showdown with Pagan Min is but one intriguing element to Ubisoft’s epic first person adventure. There are a plethora of activities to complete in the meantime that stretch your journey through Kyrat into weeks and months. With this in mind, here are the coolest things to do in Far Cry 4 after beating the game. 

Find all of the collectibles 

There are a variety of hidden items to collect, tear down and burn in this game, and there’s a great chance you’ll have a bunch of things left to find after the end credits roll. Chief among them…

Propaganda Posters 

Pagan Min ordered his cronies to tack these colorful posters throughout Kyrat. Some are easy to locate, tacked onto the sides of buildings. Others, meanwhile, take some effort to grab, especially ones on bell towers several stories high; paper burns, so throw a molotov. With 150 to collect, the hunt for Propaganda Posters will keep you busy for a while. 

Masks of Yalung 

A serial killer leaves scary masks near his victims, along with short messages that provide a glimpse into his or her twisted mind. There are 55 in total, some underwater and others inside caves. Thankfully you can shoot the hard to reach ones.   

Mohan Ghale’s Journals

Pick up these journals to learn more about Ajay Ghale’s father, former leader of the Golden Path. 

Lost Letters 

Businessman Robert Barclay and his wife Charlotte toured Kyrat in the early 1800s. These letters chronicle their exploits. 

Equip different weapons 

In all likelihood you found a handful of cool guns in Far Cry 4 and stuck with these weapons most of the way, which means you still have several new ones to play with. In particular the Signature Weapons like the Shredder SMG, Bull shotgun and Buzzsaw light machine gun. You can also get nuts with the flamethrower and burn enemies, animals and even the landscape. Conversely, perhaps you never toyed with the Recurve Bow. Time to lodge arrows in some heads! 

Finish crafting

Oddly enough, we beat Far Cry 4 without maxing out the game’s crafting system, which means we missed out on carrying the biggest wallet (holds $5,000,000), throwables bag (15 grenades, 15 molotovs and 15 throwing knives) and Syringe Kit (eight per type). You’ll need to hunt down various animals and skin these creatures to make this happen, so if you haven’t slayed three honey badgers to make the ultimate weapon holster, hunting season is officially open for business. 

Max out the skill tree 

Similar to crafting, we have multiple skills to unlock, from Non-Stop to achieve unlimited sprinting to an Overdose Syringe to deal double the damage for 30 seconds.  All of these moves, split among the tiger and the elephant categories, help transform Ajay into the ultimate predator, allowing you to score multiple kills without much threat of death. Plus, some of the melee executions look amazing. 

Liberate outposts and fortresses 

Explore Kyrat for a little while and you’ll see plumes of black smoke, signifying an enemy outpost or fortress is near. To take control of these camps you must kill enemy soldiers, including reinforcements should one of Pagan Min’s thugs hit the alarm. Outposts are fairly easy to take down through stealth kills (think arrows) and gunfire. Fortresses, on the other hand, are a whole other matter, with heavily armed soldiers and attack chopper support. Our advice: stock up on ammo, signature weapons and explosives, because you’re in for a fight.

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