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40 Things to do in Destiny: 40-31

by Prima Games Staff

We still can’t get enough of Activision and Bungie’s popular first person shooter, Destiny. Since the game released on September 9, 2014, we posted multiple tips features to assist the community, including an intro to The Dark Below and the best ways to prepare for the intimidating Vault of Glass.

If you’re about to play Destiny for the first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of activities. With this in mind, get off to a great start with Prima’s list of 40 entertaining things to do in the game, whether you fight alongside a squad of level 30 plus warriors or set off to explore the beautiful planets. We even included activities in the upcoming House of Wolves expansion.

Time for the countdown!

40. Playing Soccer in the Tower

Need to unwind following an intense mission? Walk to the left side of the main Tower hub and look next to a pile of crates stacked underneath a staircase. There you’ll find a soccer ball that you and some friends can kick around. It may not be as addictive as a hackeysack, but it’s the next best thing.

39. Give the Rail Run a Try

While in the Tower, go up onto the railing by the landing ships and challenge yourself to cross over to the other side without falling. Along the way, have other players attempt to knock you off before reaching the other side. This could easily get you killed, but the fun comes from watching another player try and knock you off, only to plummet to his or her death. Don’t worry, this person will return.

38. Download the Destiny Companion App

For players who need to keep track of their stats away from Destiny, there’s an app for that. The Destiny Companion App lets you keep track of your progress and manage your vault. You can even change your character’s appearance. Definitely fun to mess around with when you’re at work. You can download this app for iOS or Android supported devices free of charge.

37. Have a Dance Off

Here’s a fun activity you can do in both the Tower and the forthcoming Queen’s Bay in House of Wolves. Walk up to other Destiny players and show off your finest dance moves using the D-pad. While hardly the most engaging activity, when’s the last time you got down in space? Besides, many Destiny players will respond by cutting a rug.

36. Pull off Tricks Riding the EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow

The Sparrow Hoverbike is easily one of the best vehicles Destiny, but the EV-30, the newer model, comes with a sweet perk, the ability to perform tricks while in the air. If you purchased the Destiny Expansion Pass or Expansion 1: The Dark Below earlier this year, you’ll acquire this hover bike from the in-game Postmaster. Now go pull off incredible maneuvers while sailing over large gaps.

35. Shop Around Queen’s Bay in the Reef from House of Wolves

Releasing on May 19 (if all goes according to plan), the House of Wolves expansion provides a number of new opportunities. Queen’s Bay, the new hub, comes with a variety of new shops and vendors that offer items to help over the course of your adventure. You’ll be able to improve to level 34 and pick up a number of Fallen and Osiris-related collections for completing missions, as well as upgrade new armor and weapon types. Bungie hasn’t listed them all yet, but you can catch a sneak peek here.

Then there’s the Reef itself, which takes you through an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, sailing through a sea of colony ships while having a brush with the Queen of the Awoken, who calls this graveyard her new home. You’ll be able to visit the Vestian Outpost and take on two key story missions here – The Awoken and A Key Awaits.

34. Earn the “Never Speak of This Again” Medal

You’ll earn a variety of medals in Destiny, but few can match Never Speak of This Again. To earn it, kill an enemy while riding the Sparrow. This can be tricky with some of the fast-moving creatures, but if you line one up and build some speed, you should be able to mow this opponent down.

33. Check Out the New Trials of Osiris Mode in House of Wolves

House of Wolves’ Trials of Osiris puts a twist on Destiny multiplayer. It’s a 3 vs. 3 Elimination mode, where you’ll need to work closely with your team to bring down all the members of the other squad. Once a Guardian goes down he or she can be revived, but if all three are defeated the round is over and the winning team receives a point. Once a team reaches five points, they win the game.

Trials will be played on a Weekly Event schedule, starting on Friday and running through Tuesday, where it is then reset. If you lose this event, you will be able to try again, but it helps to be on the same page as the rest of your team.

32. Power Up Your Super-Charged Attacks

No matter what type of class you select in Destiny, the Super-Charged attack will prove invaluable on the battlefield. Use it to quickly clear the playing field, giving your character a chance to recover and stay in the fight. Make sure you pick up Orbs of Light leftover from effective Supercharged Attacks, as they’ll give you the ability to charge faster and wipe out a few adversaries.

Each character has Super Abilities that tie in with their core strengths. The Warlock’s Nova Bomb can increase range and split into various projectiles, the Titan’s Fist of Havoc becomes stronger with aiming capability and a larger wave of energy and the Hunter’s Golden Gun gains heightened accuracy, reduced cooldown and explosive shots that do more damage to enemies surrounding whoever you hit.

31. Find the Master Chief Tower

Bungie likes hiding Easter eggs in its games, and you’ll see from this list that there are a lot of secrets to uncover. Fans of the developer’s previous Halo adventures may find this of interest, with a building shaped like Master Chief’s helmet.

Master Chief’s iconic building can be found in the Trenchworks stage, which usually pops up over the course of the game through missions. If you need more specifics, join the Mars Patrol, and once you get started, head to the Scablands. Make your way through two different valleys – the Giants’ Pass and the Valley of the Kings – and you’ll eventually find a tunnel located at the very end. Head down that way and you’ll reach the Trenchworks, where Master Chief’s tower awaits.

We’ll see you tomorrow for more fun things to do in Destiny! In the meantime, read Prima’s multiplayer tips for the Crucible and find the hidden Master Chief.

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