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40 Things to do in Destiny: 30-21

by Prima Games Staff

We covered quite a bit of Destiny since the game’s release last fall, from rampaging through the Iron Banner event to explaining everything you need to know about The Dark Below expansion. However, there’s still a lot to do, especially with the newest update, House of Wolves, arriving in a matter of days.

We started a countdown of the 40 things you need to do in Destiny, both on your own and as part of a clan. If you missed yesterday’s post, start with reasons 40-31. When you’re ready, prepare for ten more!

30. Pick up the Flawless Raider Trophy or Achievement

There are a number of Achievements and Trophies in Destiny. One of the best is Flawless Raider, which requires you to complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying. As you might guess this is a lot tougher than expected, especially if you fight alongside rookies.

With an experienced group that knows how to handle itself in battle, even during the treacherous Vault of Glass, it can be done, provided you have enough firepower. Survive and you’ll obtain Flawless Raider.

29. Try New Clans

By now, thousands of players joined clans in order to dominate missions, Raids or even the Crucible. Conversely, we imagine a large number of people still need to join up.

Thankfully, there are a number of Clans in the game that could use new members, and sometimes it just takes a couple of missions to find a group you are comfortable with. Experiment and see if you can find the squad that’s right for you.

28. Goof off in the Tower or Queen’s Bay

Hanging out in the social hubs in Destiny makes for a fun time, whether you dance for a fellow Hunter or set off exploring. The Tower has plenty to do, whether it’s checking the mail, shopping around for new gear or accepting bounties.

Then we have Queen’s Bay, a new area that comes with the House of Wolves expansion. We’ve only seen bits and pieces of it, but there’s quite a bit to do before the next mission.

27. Start an Impromptu Race

Racing around on hover bikes in Destiny is a blast, mainly because of how well they handle and the option to run over enemies. If you team up with different players and have some ground to cover in order to reach the next objective, begin a hover bike race.

Some players may even put bets on the line, such as “last one to the checkpoint has to go into the cave first,” or something along those lines. Have fun with it, and don’t forget to pull off some tricks on the EV-30 if you acquired this vehicle.

26. Take Down Urzok in The Dark Below

There are quite a few monsters you’ll encounter in the Destiny universe, including Urzok the Hated, a villain so powerful taking him on by yourself will result in certain death. He’s easily one of the toughest enemies you’ll come across in The Dark Below.

Finding the right squad to work with and following Primas tips will help you bring him down so you can make your way to the Ritual of Sacrifice.

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25. Completely Leveled Up? Start From Scratch

If you leveled up to 32 with your chosen character and then proceed to go up to 34 after House of Wolves comes out, what more can you do? How about starting from scratch with an all-new character? Don’t delete your progress. Instead, check out one of the other classes.

We published guides that break down how to create the best Hunter, Warlock and Titan in the game. With these tips, you should be able to hit the ground running and work your way back up to level 34 in no time.

24. Master Vehicular and Ground Combat in Skyshock

Skyshock is one of the best maps in the Crucible, as part of the Dark Below expansion. This huge, war-torn interplanetary defense array provides the best of both worlds – the ability to destroy enemies either on-foot or in vehicles. With its set-up, there’s an advantage on both ends, so it gives you a lot of room to experiment.

The map supports 12 players at once, providing opportunities to frag friends amidst the rugged hills and interiors, whether on your feet or in a powered vehicle.

23. Acquire the Runed and Embalming Cores from Eris Morn

These two precious materials, included in The Dark Below, make a difference for your weapons. Acquire them from Eris Morn, who sell these items in the Tower. They come at a steep price, five to ten Black Wax Idols and a Rank 3 in Crota’s Bane, but the reward is worth it.

The Runed Core, for instance, lets you upgrade the legendary fusion rifle Murmur, with even greater damage. Meanwhile, the Embalming Core will upgrade the Husk of the Pit (a basic auto rifle) originally obtained during the Blade of Crota into the Eidolon Ally, with improved ballistics, upgrade damage and a number of other features that can be tweaked. For good measure, you can push it even further into the exotic auto rifle Necrochasm, once you get your hands on the Crux of Crota.

22. Defeat Omnigul in the Will of Crota Strike

You’ll need to complete The Extermination first, but once you do, you’ll have access to the Strike mission Will of Crota, part of The Dark Below expansion. In it, you’ll take on another boss that takes a whole lot of firepower, the Hive Wizard Omnigul.

She absorbs a whole lot of damage before retreating, only to return in an effort to destroy Rasputin in Siege of the Warmind. That said, she can be defeated with our guide on how to defeat Omnigul.

21. Loot Cave Time

The iconic Loot Cave is one of the best places Destiny fans have visited over the past few months, even though Bungie shut down the initial cave, only for Loot Cave 2.0 (and 3.0) to pop up in its place. However, as our previous article points out, the original is still intact as an Easter egg.

The video below (from Next Gen Tactics) details how to find this loot cave, and even though it’s not quite as wondrous as its initial reveal, it’s still a place worth checking out, even though some of you will still struggle to find the purple Engram like we did.

We’ll see you Monday for more things to do in Destiny. In the meantime, catch up on our coverage of the game, including a walkthrough of Crota’s End Raid and how to get the EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow.

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