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40 Things to do in Destiny: 20-11

by Prima Games Staff

Several months after its release on consoles, Destiny continues to have hours’ worth of content, and it’ll extend even further when the House of Wolves arrives this week.

For those who missed out or just need a reason to revisit the game, we created a list of 40 things you can do in Destiny. We’ve halfway through, counting down 40-31 and 30-21. Now it’s time to crack into the top 20!

20. Give Reforging a Try

While some players may be happy with whatever Exotic or Legendary weapons they come across, others may feel the need to experiment and try something new. If you’re roaming around the Iron Banner (or in the upcoming House of Wolves expansion), you’ll have the opportunity to reforge a Legendary weapon. There are positives and negatives to doing this, since you’ll be able to re-roll all of your upgrades, but will reset your progression as a result. Nevertheless, reforging can pay off because you’ll receive new perks to make yourself an overall better Guardian.

19. Find Taniks in the Shadow Thief Mission (House of Wolves)

There’s a lot of intriguing content in the new Destiny expansion, but perhaps the most exciting is the new Strike mission, where you’ll learn more about the Shadow Thief, a dangerous Fallen named Taniks the Scarred, who’s backed by his own personal army, holed up in the Wolfship Kaliks-Syn near the Earth’s moon. Your job is to infiltrate the ship with your squad and bring down Taniks’ forces before they can plunder the darkest secrets of the Hive. It won’t be easy, but with the right team, you’ll be able to achieve greatness.

18. Guardians on Patrol

If you’re bored waiting for your squad to catch up, or you just need to cut loose from all the overly difficult strikes, you can always jump into a Patrol. This activity lets you freely work your way across a map, taking on groups of enemies and jumping into missions where you can earn stature through faction reputation or bounties, which will allow you to purchase new items. You can only take on one Patrol at a time, but they’re worth it, especially the assassination missions, which give you upwards to 25 reputation (instead of the usual 10). Just look for the green blinking beacons and jump in. There are plenty to choose from.

17. Buy an Exotic Weapon from Xur

Xur is probably the most interesting merchant you’ll come across in the Tower, as he sells a number of armor pieces and consumables to those that provide him with either Strange Coin or Mote of Light. You’ll be able to find him there on weekends, and, provided you have enough currency, you’ll also be able to snag an exotic weapon from him, something that’s sure to pack a punch.  If you catch him at a good time in the shop, you could also purchase Level Upgrades for your weaponry, although you may have to give up some Glimmer or an Exotic Shard or two. He has plenty to offer, from the Red Death pulse rifle to the No Man Land exotic rifle, and if you have some extra currency, you might also get to walk away with the Thunderlord machine gun or Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher.

16. Jump into a Public Multiplayer Event

Public multiplayer events can pop up in Destiny’s world quite randomly, and while some teams may be more focused on the mission at hand, it’s a lot of fun to take part in these events, which involve everything from squads of enemies to large tank-like foes that require a ton of firepower to bring down. Taking part in these events can increase your reputation, as well as reward you with a lot of loot that you’ll have to divvy up with the others, of course.

15. Find All of the Dead Ghosts

With all the missions available in Destiny, one would think there isn’t enough time to track down the dead Ghosts in the game. However, doing so provides a dual purpose. First of all, finding (and reviving) these Ghosts will get you closer to earning a Ghost Hunter Trophy and Achievement by finding 50 of the 62 within the game. Second, you’ll receive a Grimoire Card from each Ghost you revive, which in turn will help boost your Grimoire score overall. Need help with tracking them down? Find all of the Dead Ghosts in Destiny with Prima’s freeguide (/games/destiny/tips/destiny-all-dead-ghost-locations-ghost-hunter-trophy-and-achievement) to stand a Ghost of a chance.

14. Take on the Weekly Heroic Strikes

New content continuously gets introduced in Destiny, mainly in the form of both Nightfall and Heroic Strikes. With the Heroic strike, you tackle a challenge with two modifiers enabled (including Heroic, obviously), with new strikes rotated through the Weekly Reset within the game. The basic reward is three Strange Coins, although playing at a higher difficulty can reward you up to nine, along with an engram, Vanguard Marks and additional Vanguard Reputation. Once you’ve mastered these and are ready for a bigger challenge, feel free to step up and do the following.

13. Take on the Weekly Nightfall Strikes

Meanwhile, the Nightfall Strike provides a Level 30 challenge with five active modifiers, including Epic and Nightfall, with a number of bigger rewards, including more Strange Coins, Ascendant Materials, and if you’re good enough, legendary or exotic equipment. You’ll also receive a Radiant Light buff for good measure, which will boost your experience and reputation across the board (except in Iron Banner events). You can learn more about Nightfall Strikes through our breakdown (/search?q=destiny+nightfall).

12. Take on the New Story Missions in House of Wolves

Before we reach the Story Missions from The Dark Below expansion, let’s take a look at what’s coming up in just a matter of hours, a set of five new missions within the House of Wolves. In it, you’ll have to chase after the Fallen leader Skolas, who escaped from the Prison of Elders. As a result, the House of Wolves, which were once in the control of the Awoken, have shaken free, returning to their old ways. This angers the Awoken Queen, opening up the Reef to Earth’s guardians as a result. As part of a devoted squad, your job is to hunt down Skolas, take on his armada of foes and attempt to right the wrongs. It’s a tough set of missions, but some great loot, including some new Exotic weaponry, will make this worth it.

11. Then Go Back to the Story Missions in The Dark Below

Released back in December, The Dark Below expansion for Destiny gave players a ton to do, between a pair of new Strikes (including Will of Crota), a new Raid and the inclusion of new Crucible Maps. However, the Story Missions are quite noteworthy, going from the Fist of Crota to the Ritual of Sacrifice, which you’ll acquire by meeting up with Eris in the Tower. You’ll do everything from stopping a Hive uprising on the Moon to running into the Temple of Crota to stop his soul from emerging. It’s dramatic, challenging and quite entertaining, and you’ll gain the experience necessary to take on what the House of Wolves will have to throw at you this week. To get a full rundown of these missions, read our guide.

We’ll see you tomorrow for the top ten. While you wait, check out our Dark Below overview as well as a rundown of characters you’ll find in the Reef in House of Wolves.

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